García Bragado and an optimistic quarantine



His name is synonymous with Games. He hopes to fulfill his eighth Olympic dream in Tokyo 2020, after collecting diplomas – fourth in Beijing 2008 and fifth in Athens 2004 – and also participations in Barcelona 92, Atlanta 96, Sydney 2000, London 2012 and Rio 2016. He refines his body, which will accumulate 51 springs for next summer. The mind does not need to train it; the desire of Jesús García Bragado to continue leaving their mark on the history of the 50-kilometer march are intact. Or higher than a few months ago, as he himself confesses in a videoconference with several athletes who are twice their age and with those who participate in solidarity action "The Spanish team of anonymous athletes" from Joma and the Spanish Olympic Committee.

«I suppose that the experience and age that I have made me see in this break and in this confinement an opportunity where others have seen a nuisance. It is clear that if I was 25 years old I would be climbing the walls, but now I see it as good news that the Olympic cycle is extended until 2021. I have one more year to solve the problems that were accumulating, especially articular after the Doha World Cup -it was eighth- and everything that came with the heat, "he admits.

An opportunity that he will not miss. It presupposes the latter, although you can never trust one of an exceptional athlete who breaks longevity records with a very high competitive level. In Rio 2016, now 46, he was 20th and only Spanish to finish, and he assumed it would be his last step in Olympism. «2017 I took it as a sabbatical, but I saw the World Cup and it was clear that I wanted to qualify for Tokyo. At 50 or 51 years old, not much changes for me ». It motivates him more if possible because it may be the last time that the 50-kilometer race is seen in the Olympic program. Olympism has changed a lot. With the type of sports that are being added, it is now increasingly difficult to fit a test like this, which takes about four and a half hours. The illusion of being on the last occasion of the march can outweigh the signals my body sends me ».

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