Gallardo's Revenge with Cubero | River Plate

Gallardo's Revenge with Cubero | River Plate 5

Martín Feijóo

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Fabian Cubero retired from professional football but his anecdotes in sports will remain forever. In a chat with Olé, recalled a situation he had with Marcelo Gallardo in his time as a footballer in which he highlighted the vividness of the Doll.

“We went to play at the River court, I don't remember the year, theirs was a great team, there was Marcelo, Aimar, Saviola, a time when it was impossible to win at the Monumental. There was a free kick in the door of their area, he was the last in the barrier and I was going to cover the goalkeeper. When they are going to kick, the barrier crashed and they cannot jump, so the biggest shit was farted, ha ", began by recounting the historical side of Vélez.

  Gallardo's Revenge with Cubero | River Plate 6
   Cubero scores Viudez in one of the last games he faced River.

Gallardo, after that first crossing, was revived and won the pulseada in the following fault. "On the second free throw I go and do the same. When he is going to kick ours, I try to hit him and the Doll lifted my elbow and hit me in the face and I started fucking him, ha ha, he was there. I slept very well ”Fabián laughed.

 "Marcelo was already alive. I slept him in the first and in the second he beat me, ha," said Cubero.

Poroto highlighted the personality that Marcelo already had at that time and how he was already beginning to stand out from others. "He was already alive, I slept him in the first and in the second I wanted to do the same thing, he raised my elbow and I ate it. I always dropped 1,000 points, I crossed it a couple of times off the field, "concluded Cubero.

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