Gallardo's idea for River 2021: His intention is that 8 of the 11 starters be from the Lower

Gallardo's idea for River 2021: His intention is that 8 of the 11 starters be from the Lower 5

Marcelo Gallardo has a contract with River until December 2021, the date on which the second term of Rodolfo D'Onofrio as president ends. Since his arrival, the "Muñeco" has had a comprehensive idea for the club, which includes the lower divisions: from the appointment of technical bodies to the way of play.
The ideal objective of this project by Gallardo is that, in December 2021, eight of the 11 "Millionaire" starters are footballers who emerged from the Núñez club youth academy. For this reason, he intends that between the Primera and Reserva team there are three players per position.
Currently, the campus is formed as follows:
  ARCHER : Franco Armani, Germán Lux (**), Enrique Bologna and Ezequiel Centurión (*).
  RIGHT SIDE : Gonzalo Montiel (*), Elías López (*) and Franco Camargo (*).
  CENTRAL DEFENDER BY RIGHT : Lucas Martínez Quarta (*), Robert Rojas and Franco Paredes (*).
  CENTRAL DEFENDER ON THE LEFT : Javier Pinola, Paulo Díaz, Thomas Gutiérrez (***) and Augusto Aguirre (*).
  LEFT SIDE : Milton Casco, Fabrizio Angileri and Santiago Montiel (*).
  INTERIOR ON THE RIGHT : Nacho Fernández, Cristian Ferreira (*) and Enzo Fernández (*).
  CENTRAL MIDFIELDER : Enzo Pérez, Leonardo Ponzio, Bruno Zuculini and Santiago Sosa (*).
  INTERIOR ON THE LEFT : Nicolás De La Cruz, Julián Álvarez (*) and Tomás Galván (*).
  HITCH : Juan Fernando Quintero, Jorge Carrascal and Hernán López Muñoz (*).
  FRONT 1 : Lucas Pratto, Matías Suárez, Benjamín Rollheiser (*) and Lucas Beltrán (*).
  FRONT 2 : Ignacio Scocco, Rafael Santos Borré and Federico Girotti (*).
(*): emerged from the lower divisions of River.
(**): emerged from the lower divisions of River, but not in Gallardo's process.
(***): player incorporated for the Reserve .
The new world economic scenario after the coronavirus pandemic could contribute to this idea of ​​ Gallardo .

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