Gallardo's emotional video for River's birthday | River Plate

Gallardo's emotional video for River's birthday | River Plate 5

Nadir Ghazal

10:20 am

Every May 25 the emotions of the River fans are stirred to the maximum and in this 2020 the club usually had a special tool to touch the intimate fiber of the River Plate people. It is that from the official accounts a very emotional video was published that reviews the history of the club in the span of two and a half minutes, and where the voice of Marcelo Gallardo is the main protagonist.

While the images of the most important events that gave life and work to River from 1901 to the present day follow one after the other, the Doll explains with meaningful words the meaning of each moment. And at the end, the DT appears on stage with his shirt on, and there he greets the club in a very special way l. "Happy 119 years to my beloved River Plate, thank you," says Gallardo as he smiles and touches the shield on his chest at the end.

The general message that the video seeks to deliver is the importance of having wishes to fulfill, and the importance of not standing still when it comes to achieving them. This is why in the beginning a lit candle is shown, and at the end of it the phrase "For many more wishes together" appears. In this way River expressed everything it means to be part of this great passion. Congratulations to the Greatest and all his people!

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