Futsal: Ricardinho does not cut himself and responds to José María García: "90% is a lie"



The departure of the best player in recent history of Movistar Inter Ricardinho is becoming a real soap opera. The Portuguese player announced in the first months of the course that this would be his last year in the Madrid team before heading to France where he aspires, in addition to becoming the great star of ACCS Paris to be the image I imposed on futsal in that country. And since then the relationship between player and club has cooled to the brink of total rupture.

Recently Ricardinho complained about the club's lack of attention to himself during the coronavirus pandemic acknowledging that the relationship is "very undermined", and bitterly regretted the fact that he was charging just 3,000 euros of the 50,000 that his contract marks due to the ERTE that Inter has accepted. In one of his last appearances he even explained that would prefer not to have to play the title playoff if the competition can finally be resumed.

This series of reproaches, repeated in various interviews and encounters on social networks, finally brought José María García, owner of Movistar Inter, in addition to being a historian of Spanish journalism. Through the pages of the Portuguese newspaper ' A Bola ' in an interview with the correspondent in Spain, Pereira Ramos, and with his usual forcefulness left several messages your player.

García answered the Portuguese's reproaches

In the first place, he denied a supposed unfair treatment of the club towards the player and recalled that "history shows that there is no player who has been at the highest level in a team who has no difficulty admitting that the club where he shone no longer has him . Just remember, in football, the cases of Di Stéfano, Kubala, Maradona or Cruyff. It is the law of life. I think that with his statements Ricardo made a mistake that should not be given too much importance. It is not true that no one from the club contacted him . It is true that I could not do it because I am confined outside Madrid with my wife, who is ill, but our CEO spoke with him. "

The owner of the historic 'Interviú' also denied that the club included in the ERTE without consulting him, because "he knew it like the whole team, and in his case, as second captain, even more". And also that they denied him permission to quarantine in Portugal: « That is another complaint that I do not understand . He did not ask us for any authorization, all the Brazilian players of the team went to their country. And all the more reason, being here next door, Ricardo could have gone to Portugal if he had asked us to do so. "

And if that was blunt, it was no less so in the question of salary:" It is never pleasant talking to me about money, I think it's ugly, I don't want to go into details, but one thing I can guarantee is that Inter owes Ricardinho absolutely nothing. ”

Despite All this, García recognized the important role of Ricardinho in the recent successes of the club and assured that his intention is to maintain his friendship personally and, institutionally, to bid farewell to the height of what he has deserved with the Inter shirt. Of course, the Interist leader had no problem recognizing the reasons for the end of his time at the club: «Replacing a player like Ricardinho is very difficult, it marked a brilliant moment in the history of our club, but we believe that the time has come when you have to leave us . Not just him. Other veterans will also leave, everything has an end. ”

The years pass for everyone and, even with a lower performance, Ricardinho continues to be the best of all . Ricardinho was Maradona, he was Messi, he was everything in this sport and he still has a lot to give to futsal. The question is: if so, why do we let it out? The answer is the one I have already given, "settled.

Ricardinho:" 90% is a lie! "

The same day the interview was made public, Ricardinho himself took the floor again to answer his still "boss" and forcefully, noting that "90 percent of the interview is a lie."

" With All the respect that I still have, I will not speak about this matter any more because there is so little time left to finish, and it is already tiring … I will return to this topic only after finishing my contract, "he said. Portuguese through his account on the social network Instagram .

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