Frosinone wins but that's not enough, Ligurians celebrating

After Benevento and Crotone, a third team is ready to join the two promoted to Serie A one of Spezia and Frosinone : Italian's Ligurians arrive at the return match with a 1-0 win in the first leg, at the Stirpe, while Nesta's team must necessarily win by at least two goals. Frosinone knows they have to score as soon as possible and tries: Beghetto takes the post, Scuffet on his own is engaged by Beghetto himself and by Rohden. Nesta's formation presses and gives everything, but the goal does not arrive in the first half. Spezia starts better in the second half but in the 55th minute Frosinone returns dangerous with the quality of Ciano: shot from outside the area, slightly out. This is the prelude to the goal: Rohden already dangerous before, flies towards Scuffet and this time leaves no way out. The final assault of Frosinone does not have the desired effects, however, Spezia closes well and brings the result to the end: a 0-1 which, by virtue of the best position in the standings, means Serie A for the Ligurians, for the first time in history . Follow 90min on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram to stay updated on the latest news from the world of Serie A !

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