From 3:10 to a miracle on ice – the story of a simple American guy from a large family

From 3:10 to a miracle on ice - the story of a simple American guy from a large family 5
First of all, about our selection criteria, otherwise, as in the case of the NHL option, you can’t avoid taste and engagement: 1. Everyone should be on an equal footing, and therefore it is wrong to start the countdown from 1967, when the NHL expanded from six to 12 clubs. For the first time we got the opportunity to objectively compare ourselves with the grandees of the hockey world at the 1954 World Cup. Then only 6 goalkeepers could play in the NHL on an ongoing basis, which means that it was not the losers like Joseph, Price or Luongo who came to the current classification of the NHL by chance. This date is taken as a time threshold. 2. If a player did not take the Stanley Cup, he is always inferior and does not deserve our attention. 3. The dominant role in the team. In other words, without this player, the team would not have taken the Stanley Cup or the main trophy of the national team tournaments – World Cup, OI, KK / KM. Like any hit parade, the story will be taken from the bottom to the top. In brackets – a place in the NHL ranking. In the first issue, we limited ourselves to the Scandinavian noun, its history turned out to be so rich. Still: to force the Soviet Union to radically restructure the domestic economy, simultaneously ditching the national championship – an unprecedented fact in history! Today's story is even cooler. 16 (-). ERAN HEGUST (Sweden) 15 (-). JIM CRAIG (USA) I don’t understand what the experts of the official website of the NHL think overseas, how do they compose their fake ratings? How can you ignore the most striking event in the history of world hockey, if not to say – all US sports! Although Disney has already shot a film of the same name, it was not, relatively speaking, Eric Hayden or Bonnie Blair who instructed to light the Olympic flame at the opening of the Salt Lake City Games-2002, but the same US team Herbie Brooks who performed a miracle on the ice of Lake Placid. Yes, we will talk about the 22-year-old goalkeeper who stopped Kharlamov and Mikhailov ] Petrova and Balderis who on February 22, 1980 reflected 36 throws of the Red Car from 39 … They say that every Canadian will immediately tell where he was when Henderson scored a winning goal in the last minute of the final eighth match of the 1972 Super Series. I do not even doubt it. Because I remember very well where I was and what I did when they showed in recordings on a September day in Moscow – don’t believe the film “Legend 17”, under Brezhnev, Soviet TV did not work at night! – the first game of the series in which we dispelled the myth … and so on. Yes, victory is forever always eternally remembered. Especially significant, milestone. Such, for example, as in the final of the Canada Cup-1981. So, honestly, the details of watching on TV our Olympic fiasco at the 1980 Games have completely erased. However, as in the case of Hegyusta I still clearly feel the persistent feeling of utter hopelessness that reigned after the American captain Eruzione exactly in the 50th minute brought the hosts ahead for the first time – 4: 3. By the nature of the game, I understood – although I refused to believe it until the final siren! – ours will not win back. By the way, I experienced the same thing during the Super Series 1972 after we turned the first match in Moscow from 1: 4 to 5: 4 and got three matchballs. I caught the game in the sixth match – although I drove this thought from myself in every way! – Canadians want to win more than us. Which, in principle, was clear: Klenovs were required to win all three of the remaining meetings, and we were satisfied with one draw in these three meetings. For with equality in points, we took primacy in the difference between the goals. Unfortunately for us, we did not even suspect what a playoff was, where everything is possible, and therefore only a madman in the USSR could imagine that his team would lose all three matches. Returning to our laureate, by and large I suspected something was wrong the second period, after Maltsev in the 23rd minute made the score 3: 2. We failed to build on success. Not because they didn’t want to. Failed! The Americans simply did not allow it. How can one not cite Boris Mikhailov’s favorite saying, given to him, if I’m not mistaken, by Anatoly Tarasov : – There is not much to want in professional hockey. You have to be able! Those state students – AND WANTED, AND COULD! And Jim Craig from the University of Boston cemented their defense. It was worth the collar at the score 2: 3 to allow at least the slightest oversight, I am convinced that our two goals would not be allowed to squit. Moreover, with their outlandish skill they would have scored more. For the owners would have to change tactics from waiting – not without reason in 60 minutes they delivered a miserable 16 shots! – to a more open, with a focus on attack. Then the Soviet techs would quickly catch a star-striped naive young on counterattacks. But Craig did not give his opponent a chance. He outplayed both Tretyak and who replaced the best goalkeeper of the world in the last second (!) Of the first period Myshkin . Jim has a difficult fate. In the family, he is the sixth of eight children: four boys and girls. In 1977, the mother died. At the age of 20, he took responsibility for those close to him, began to take care of two younger brothers. Hockey helped to enter the prestigious Boston University. He was included in the All Stars student championship of the USA according to the results of the 1978/79 season. It was then that he fell on Brooks’s pencil. It was Craig who suffered at the gates of the United States when, in an exhibition match before the 1980 Olympics in New York's Madison Square Garden, Red cars moved local schoolchildren with a double-digit score of 10: 3. dragged on the first number! – spitting, contemptuously threw Brooks in the locker room collapsed under the blows of Kharlamov and Ko goalkeeper. The coach said this consciously. Knowing perfectly the character of the guy, Brooks hoped that these words would plunge the ward into a rage. And in the future, he will squeeze out all the juices from himself, only to prove the opposite. The architect of the miracle was not mistaken. I will clarify that the light did not converge in the USSR in Lake Placid. On the way to gold, the Americans also had to go through the Swedes with Czechoslovakians, and in the final bullet – the Finns. And in all seven matches, Craig defended the hosts' gate from bell to bell. The United States Olympic start, when they changed Jim to the sixth field, saved the game with the Swedes 27 seconds before the final siren – 2: 2, somehow passed me by. But I perfectly remember my deepest shock, coupled with the loss of orientation in space of the world hockey ranking table, when in front of my eyes the young Americans after a draw first period (2: 2) began methodically to wet the venerable Czechoslovakians and by the 51st minute brought the score to indecent – 7: 3! The most amazing thing – everyone understood that the result of the game. That this is no sensation. But Czechoslovakia remained in operation Martinets Nova Bubla Kralik Pouzar Lukacs Novak brothers Shtastny who will soon escape to Quebec Nordics, where they will make a glorious career. Especially Peter Shtastny: for the World Cup 1976 and 1977 the attacker will add the Canada Cup 1984 as part of the Maple Leaves! Obviously, after the defeat of Czechoslovakia, Jim Craig and Co. believed in themselves. That they are able to reach the top. When what was later rightly called a miracle happened on the air, one of the fans jumped out onto the ice with the American flag. Who did he give it to? Goalkeeper! Jim threw a star-striped banner on his shoulders. But he did not stupidly jump on the ice, as it should be in such situations. He looked with his eyes in the stands of his father. “This is your victory, dad!” – He wanted to shout to the entire distraught hall … In the same season, Craig made his debut in the NHL. But from the draft, back in 1977, he ended up in the weak Atlanta Flames, which no one needed in the state of Georgia with a predominant African-American population. In the summer of 1980, the team was transported to Canada, changing the sign to Calgary Flames. The goalkeeper, however, did not go there, but to Boston, where he spent 23 matches for the Bruins. He even got into the application of the US team for the Canada Cup 1981, but broke his finger. For the “bears” the hero of Lake Placid no longer played, ending his career in the NHL with three matches for the “Minnesota” in the 1983/84 season. But the team once again noted when he helped the Americans win the tournament in the second division of the 1983. In 1999, Craig was introduced to the IIHF Hall of Fame. A few years earlier, he had helped organize a hockey school to Vladimir Lutchenko in New York. "Soulful guy!" – our two-time Olympic champion spoke about the American. Continuation – tomorrow!

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