Frankfurt is running to host a final phase of the Champions

  Updated: 06/04/2020 15:51
  Frankfurt and several nearby venues are considering submitting a bid to host a final tournament that will serve to end the Champions League 2019-2020 if UEFA finally opts for that formula in one place , indicated different sources in Germany. On Thursday, the Bild newspaper stated that Frankfurt is interested in organizing this eventual tournament, which could start from the quarterfinals, probably in the month of August. "We are interested and we talk about it," said the head of Sports for the city of Frankfurt, Markus Franck, asked by the sports agency SID, a subsidiary of AFP. According to Bild, there are cities in Russia and Portugal that have also made it known that they would be interested in such a tournament. UEFA, the newspaper says, is looking for a place that can make four stadiums available within a 100-kilometer perimeter. Frankfurt owns the Waldstadion the Eintracht house (48,500 spectators) and nearby cities such as Mainz, Sinsheim (the Hoffenheim house), Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Kaiserlautern and Karlsruhe have precincts used in the first or second division . The UEFA has so far made no decision in this regard. «We do not confirm anything. We see a variety of options, but no decision has been made, "said a representative of the instance to a question from AFP. The questions of dates and format (either round-trip rounds or direct duels in neutral venues) are therefore still in the air. The UEFA Executive Committee meets on June 17 and could advance its plans to end the competition that day, interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic in the middle of the last 16. Recently, the director of the German national teams, Olivier Bierhoff indicated that the German Football Federation (DFB) was ready to help in the organization of a final tournament: «We have the know-how and a great organization , we have demonstrated it. If such a format can help UEFA, I would say we are ready. "

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