Formula 1: Felipe Massa: «I know how Schumacher is»



Felipe Massa a Formula 1 driver who was Michael Schumacher's partner in the Ferrari team, has assured that he has "information" on the status of the world seven-time champion after the serious accident he suffered skiing in 2013.

"I know how Schumacher is," revealed the Brazilian to Fox Sports . «My relationship with him has always been very close, although not with his wife Corinna; she did not used to go to the Grand Prix. "

However, Massa did not want to go any further and did not reveal anything else about Schumacher's state of health out of respect for his family:" The main thing about all this is that We know that your situation is not easy. They don't like to disclose any information about Michael's condition and … who am I to do it? ”.

Schumacher's situation has been a mystery since his accident skiing on December 29, 2013 which left him in critical condition. After a long hospitalization his family fitted out his house in Lausanne (Switzerland), where he has remained ever since since no news about his condition transpires.

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