For the first time in 18 years, CSKA is not a champion. But he did not lose to Khimki, but to the coronavirus

For the first time in 18 years, CSKA is not a champion. But he did not lose to Khimki, but to the coronavirus 5
EVERYTHING IS JUST Thus, the CSKA gold series was interrupted, having won 26 of 28 national championships after the collapse of the USSR, including the last 17 in a row. The only one who managed to take away the title of the country's first club from the army was Perm Ural Great in the 2000/01 and 2001/02 seasons. Khimki, who were leaders in the VTB United League regular season at the time the season stopped, hoped that they would be officially recognized as the third Russian basketball champion in history, but the federation decided differently without giving gold to anyone. Let me remind you that the leadership of the United League made the same decision two months ago. With all due respect to the Moscow Region team, such a verdict is the only correct one, I wrote in detail at the end of March and I see no reason to re-start this . Anyone who has forgotten or missed can read that article now or just refresh the tournament table of the interrupted championship, given a little lower in memory. Only one thing was clear from it – that nothing was clear. Especially taking into account the different number of matches played by the teams and the completely cut off playoffs. CSKA did not win this championship, but if he lost it to someone, then not Khimki, but the coronavirus. This spring, this plague "won" in so many sporting events around the world that it is just right to include it in the Guinness Book of Records. Position in VTB United League at the time of the termination of the regular season 1. Khimki – 18 wins-1 defeat 2. CSKA – 15-43. Lokomotiv-Kuban – 14-64. UNICS – 12-65. Parma – 8-106. Zenith – 8-107. Zelena Gora – 8-118. Kalev – 8-129. Yenisei – 7-1110. Astana – 7-1111. Nizhny Novgorod – 7-1112. Avtodor – 5-1313. Tsmoki-Minsk – 4-15 Unfinished matches with two leaders Khimki: home – Zenit, away – CSKA, Lokomotiv-Kuban, Parma, Zelena Gora CSKA: houses – Khimki, UNICS, Yenisei, Zelena Gora , visiting – Avtodor CSKA parted with KUFOS and BAKER The Euroleague became the previous victim of the pandemic in basketball, on Monday completely abandoned attempts to save its season somehow. As soon as Jordi Bertomeu announced that the tournament will not be played out and all 18 teams, including CSKA, Khimki and Zenit, will take part in the following, the long-awaited certainty has come. The RBF was relieved to relieve itself of the burden of responsibility on the “champion issue”, which had finally lost its real significance, and the clubs, tired of a long downtime, immediately developed rapid activity in the transfer market. CSKA only this morning announced a breakup with two legionnaires – American defender Ron Baker and the Greek center Costa Koufos. Which completely surprised no one. Both players were acquired last summer and showed nothing special at CSKA. Baker simply did not meet the level of the European club elite, and the game of Kufos was clearly not worth the money that it was customary to pay for centers with such rich NBA experience. It is entirely possible that Darren Hilliard will also face a similar fate – rumors that the contract with him will not be extended also slipped this spring, although they have not yet found official confirmation. James Dilemma It seems that out of seven foreign There will be at least three basketball players who have joined the Moscow team in the last year – Janis Strelnieks, Johannes Voitmann and Howard Sant Rosa have agreements for the next season. Plus, we are waiting for the return of Will Klyburn after the injury, we are looking for a replacement for Kufos – and at the same time we are racking our brains over the “Mike James dilemma”, whose contract is about to end. On the one hand, the American played extremely unevenly and often pulled the blanket over himself, on the other hand, to find an equivalent replacement for such a sniper-killer is also not an easy task. I think the conflict with James will not be resolved soon. And the big basketball will now return to Russia no earlier than autumn. Unless we see somewhere in August the postponed ending of the NBA season, but after all, ours are not there. Europe? There were some bits left, and not very appetizing. I know for sure that the championships of Germany and Israel should be played out, although they are “played out” – this is said loudly. Only 10 of the Germans from 17 teams risked returning to the floor, they were quickly divided into two groups, after which there will be a “playoff type”. On the Promised Land, it’s still more modest: the last round of the “regular season”, 1/4 – and the “Final Four”. They also ponder over the end of the tournament in the Adriatic League (there, in Israel, from the two-round stage, only one game is left for the clubs) and it seems like in Spain. That's me, I confess, not really. I'm afraid I will have to watch football, which, unlike the baskets, is being revived everywhere.

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