Footballers ask for a preseason before playing again

Sergi FontBarcelona
  Updated: 04/01/2020 18: 50h
 Related news It is not yet known when the competition will return and this confinement caused by the coronavirus will end, but what is clear is that soccer players do not want to start playing immediately. In the locker room common sense prevails and it dictates that before competing you have to do a series of trainings. A preseason style that avoids injuries and guarantees the show for the millions of fans who go to the fields or follow it on television. One of the soccer players who has explained this most clearly has been Sergi Roberto . "I hope there will be a preseason when the competition returns, because at the end the training these days is different . I hope that when the competition returns we can take the form to perform at the highest level, "he explained in the official channels of Barcelona. The midfielder converted to lateral has also taken advantage of the interview to explain how he is living this anomalous situation. « I take this opportunity to enjoy my daughter . Within the bad, there are good things like being with your family. I do a little sport and spend all day playing with it. I am quite lucky and he wakes up around eight, so for the moment I am lucky, but during the night I have to get up, "he revealed. And he has shared some curiosities with his followers, such as the walks he takes with his pet: « Having a dog, I can go for a walk at some point but today it is also raining. But Malú (his pet's name is) is not changing his routine. ”What he does not neglect is his training routine, following guidelines that have been sent to him from the club. « We have a weekly plan and they also send me a daily plan . And with friends from Reus we make a video call and train as a group, which becomes more enjoyable. There are people who are training more now that we are at home. However, it is not the same as his day to day and he makes it very clear when he confesses that he misses competing: «Sometimes I see repeated games on TV and you feel more like playing . We hope this is not very long. "

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