“Floyd was killed. Am I next? ” How sports stars protest against racism

“WE SHOULD NOT FEEL GUIL FOR THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN” About how Floyd’s death was treated in the NBA, we already wrote . Now we are talking about the rest. The main dark-skinned racer of the planet, he is also the six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton of course, I simply could not keep silent. – When I see a blatant disregard for the lives of ordinary people, I get overwhelmed with rage! He wrote on Instagram. “The injustice that my brothers and sisters face is disgusting.” Moreover, unfortunately, America is not the only place where racism manifests itself. Now many people seem to be surprised, but for us, black people, such events have not been a surprise for a long time. But we should not feel guilty and fear for our lives just because of our skin color. Canadian Pi-Kay Subban – defender of “New Jersey” – one of the few black hockey players in the NHL. Of course, he also did not remain indifferent to what is happening. – The essence of what is happening is old and does not change – it is in the absence of justice. We need to fix this situation. Everyone needs a look at how we live and think what he can do to change the world for the better. I am ready for this, – said the hockey player. And he transferred 50 thousand dollars to the fund of Gianna Floyd – the six-year-old daughter of George Floyd. Tennis players proved especially massive. And, oddly enough, this is not primarily about Serena Williams (although we all know who in the tennis world is the main defender of the rights of women, mothers and black people). She did without special statements. Her husband pouted for her – Alexis Ohanyan in the wake of the rising hype left the board of directors of the Reddit company founded by him. Publicly stating that he wants a black candidate to take his place. The priority, as you understand, in this case is given precisely to the color of the skin, and not to the professional qualities of the person. In addition, Ohanyan donated $ 1 million to the Know Your Rights campaign launched by former NFL player Colin Kapernik . – I do this for myself, for my family, my country. I’m doing it like a father who will someday need to answer his dark-skinned daughter to the question of whether I tried to change something, ”Ohanyan said. Serena, of course, replied: “I am proud of your dedication. And Olympia will be proud. ” I calmed down on that. “VIDEO WITH KOKO – THE BEST TWO MINUTES OF MY MORNING” “Floyd was killed. Am I next? ” How sports stars protest against racism 5 Where other athletes more actively declared their position ( and athletes). First of all – Naomi Osaka . The Japanese – also half black – earned $ 37.4 million last year (according to Forbes) – neither Sharapova nor Serena received so much at the peak of their careers! Naomi left the top of the WTA rating, but she seems to have established herself in the status of the most popular athlete on the planet. near which he was eventually killed by a policeman. “If this does not happen to you, this does not mean that this does not happen at all,” the Japanese wrote in her social networks, and remarked to the criticism in her own address: “I hate it when someone says like sports exchanges should not go into politics. Why do you have the right to speak, but I do not? Or if I’m an Ikea worker, can I only talk about furniture? And the 16-year-old Corey Gauff – last year’s sensation of Wimbledon, who in America is considered a possible successor to Williams fame – spoke even harder .- George Floyd, Ahmad Arbury Breonne Taylor Travon Martin Eric Garner, Ayana Jones, Freddy Gray and many, many others … Am I next? The girl asked. – That's why I am not silent and fight racism! And you? At the same time, Gauff was not limited to posts on social networks. And she took part in a peaceful rally in her hometown of Delray Beach (in Florida). What caused the reaction of Maria Sharapova. – I watched the video. And these are the best two minutes of my morning. – wrote the five-time champion of “Helmets”. “Coco, you are special! “ THE FATHER STOPPED BECAUSE HE IS BLACK AND AT “MERCEDES” “Floyd was killed. Am I next? ” How sports stars protest against racism 6 George Floyd’s death itself did not the only topic of discussion: Some players shared examples from their personal lives when they faced discrimination, not with such tragic consequences, of course, but nonetheless. “Tennis is full of racial prejudice!” Taylor Townsend lamented. I feel it for myself, when they look at me, they see a black tennis player, and immediately assume that I am Venus Williams Serena or Sloven Stevens . "Coco Gauff! I was called each of them, but not me. At the tournaments, everyone goes quietly, but when I go, they will definitely check my bag, accreditation, as well as the bag and accreditation of the coach. These are additional security measures – they say, to make sure that I have the right to be there, and this happens in C Sha constantly – every week, at every tournament. – Once my dad was driving a car and the police stopped him. He did not break anything, but they still decided to check it. As it became clear from the conversation, the police were surprised that a dark-skinned man was driving an expensive Mercedes, ”said Canadian Felix Auger Aljassim (his father is from Togo). – No, there was nothing to worry about. But this also speaks of the prejudices that we often encounter. Of course, flashmobs were not without. One of them launched Francis Tiafu – last year’s Australian Open quarterfinal. A guy who got into tennis because his father, an emigrant from Sierra Leone, worked as a laborer in a local sports club after moving to America. “Today we lower the rackets and raise our hands!” – wrote to Tiaf in social networks, posting the corresponding video. Many other black players followed his example – Serena Williams, Gauff, Osaka, Gael Monfils and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga .

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