Florence and Ribery, a story that will end in fear? The outburst makes us think

The relief for Fiorentina's return to victory was certainly affected by a question unrelated to the results, from football in general. The theft suffered by Franck Ribery at his home threw the French champion and his family into despair, with his wife Wahiba who echoed the words of her husband, underlining the restlessness and disturbance of the case. Wife who, moreover, was one of the main architects of the arrival in Florence of the French champion, last summer, given the appreciation of Mrs. Ribery towards the Tuscan capital. Ribery's words, beyond the natural solidarity towards of those who have suffered a theft seeing their privacy violated, they generate some headaches in a square already grappling with doubts and dilemmas about the future. Is Ribery really considering leaving early for a security issue? A possible choice in this direction would be surprising and not a little, considering how unfortunately the "crime" happened to the Frenchman is not exclusive to the surroundings of Florence and the borders of the boot. The President Commisso has expressed all his will to be close to the man Ribery and his family, before therefore considering it as a technical heritage: it would be a shame to lose oneself for a distrust of the Florentine and Italian environment perceived as a threat. Any choice would deserve respect, from a human point of view, and a basic understanding. The hope, however, at this point, is that the outburst of Ribery and his wife is the result of the moment and not of a deeper and more deeply rooted intolerance, destined to translate into concrete acts. Follow 90min on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram to stay updated on the latest news from the world of Serie A !

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