Finally reviewed. Mark Messier called Artemy Panarin a real superstar

Finally reviewed. Mark Messier called Artemy Panarin a real superstar 5
Six-time Stanley Cup winner, ex-captain of the Rangers Mark Messier called Artemy Panarin a real superstar. From the lips of Mark sounded not just the duty praise, Messier, in principle, does not deal with this. He was like an iron man throughout his career, according to many, the best club captain in the history of the league, who, if he was taken to speak, then solely on business, remained so. “I have not seen anyone play like Artemy Panarin . So selflessly, with such passion, charisma and talent. Thinking about the great hockey players with whom I played, I recall that they did everyone around them better. He does better not only partners, but the whole team, takes it to a different level. And this is a sign of a real superstar, ”Messier Messier said. Mark himself was a great hockey player, and next to him one of the great did not play. The more valuable his words, the more carefully it is worth listening to them. Not every day about our legionnaires you can hear such flattering assessments. On the contrary, very often we witnessed how those whom we revered as stars in our homeland were not considered as such overseas. Khlebushok went to such a recognition for a very long time. Not to say that he was undeservedly ignored during all periods of his career. He really reached the peak last season after moving to the Rangers, where in 69 matches of the regular season he scored 95 (32 + 63) points and “+36” in terms of plus / minus. Messier uttered his words impressed by the very recent game of the 28-year-old Russian. Now he has turned into a star with a super prefix. And he went to this for so long and with such differences that another would have broken long ago, lost hope of becoming one of the top best and would have been content with his role as a middle peasant. A lot of people had to prove their hockey ability. What was the turning point in his ascent? What period? He was watched in Chelyabinsk, where he started. Thank God that the guy moved to Vityaz, near Moscow, who in those years was upholding the basements of the championship, and the young player could get enough playing time. This probably played a big role in his future destiny. Then he returned to the Moscow Region after an unsuccessful transfer to Ak Bars, where he was put on the bench by the current Dynamo head coach Vladimir Krikunov who then worked in Kazan. Krikunov did not trust Panarin, although Ravil Shavaleev a manager who knows our hockey well, brought him to the team . Shavaleeva was impressed by the game Panarin in conjunction with Mikhail Anisin for Vityaz, and the invitation to the capital of Tatarstan followed. “How did you not see Panarin in Ak Bars?” – asked Krikunova once, and he honestly admitted: “My fault. I did not understand this guy. He lost shape a bit, dropped out of the squad. And this was before the playoffs, so Artemy did not get much playing time. I regret this story. And the old woman is a bummer. ”Okay Krikunov, it was watched by all NHL breeders. Artemy was not chosen either when his year was drafted, or after the deafening victory of our youth at the 2011 World Cup in Buffalo. In the famous finale, during which Russia lost to Canada 0: 3, and in the third period the team Valery Bragin scored five goals and became the champion, Panarin scored a goal. However, a year later, no one noticed him at the NHL draft, even in the seventh round. Artemy himself admitted somehow that after an unsuccessful Kazan business trip he had seriously reconsidered his attitude to the matter. He sat down and said to himself: everything, now only hockey. What did this “hockey only” mean? There was, of course, the other side of the life of a promising athlete. Young, handsome, with the money. There is little example of how unrevealed talents left the stage without achieving anything, but the fact of the matter is that few people saw this outstanding talent in Panarin. The attitude towards him was not quite serious. We are used to looking at the West, they are not mistaken in the same place. And since no one turned out to be a guy, it’s not just like that. They could not see it with the whole world. As it turned out, they could. His ascent began after working with Vyacheslav Bykov . The Quebec Triumph 2008 is well known as a coach who knows how to launch into orbit those players who were not trusted in other clubs or who lacked the whole step to reach a new level. Panarin joined the strike three with Dadonov and Shipachev which became the main weapon that brought SKA the first Gagarin Cup in the club’s history. It happened in 2015, in that regular season Artemy scored 62 (26 + 36) points in 54 matches, adding 20 (5 + 15) points to the playoffs. Then he said goodbye to Russia and went to Chicago, in which he took the Calder Trophy as the best newcomer. But recognition overseas was only partial. Soon followed by an insulting exchange at Columbus. The “Black Hawks” considered that in his slaughter connection with Kane the leader of Chicago, Artemy was only an auxiliary element, but not a prima. And the lion's share of his points is Patrick's merit. Even before the start of the NHL-2019/20 regular season, a number of experts believed that the Rangers overpaid the Russian, giving a seven-year contract for $ 81.5 million. So many people thought in Russia. But they made a mistake again. Panarin blossomed after moving to New York. Found in this city his team, his game and the love of fans. He found his love a little earlier, thanks to which for sure everything in his life went uphill. Universal recognition has finally come to pass. After Messier's words, this can be said without any reservations. The hockey world examined one of its brightest stars. Met, one might say, with bread and salt. Probably a bit late for Panarin by the age of recognition of talent, but certainly not by hockey standards – 28 years old, play and play.

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