FIFA, in favor of not being penalized for supporting Floyd



FIFA FIFA suggests that signs of support for George Floyd as seen on the last day in the German League, not be sanctioned. The death of the African-American citizen after being reduced by a police officer, who has unleashed protests in the United States and shows of support around the world has found the solidarity of several soccer players in last day

Before the images of footballers such as Jadon Sancho, Achraf Hakimi or Marcus Thuram in support of Floyd, FIFA has expressed in a statement: "The application of the Laws of the Game approved by the IFAB is left to in charge of the organizers of the competitions that must use common sense and take into account the context that surrounds the events ".

In that sense, the highest body of international football " perfectly understands the depth of sentiment and the concerns expressed by many footballers in light of the tragic circumstances of the George Floyd case".

" FIFA has repeatedly spoken out to be resolutely against racism and discrimination of any kind and has recently reinforced its own disciplinary rules in order to help eradicate such behavior."

In this way, with this statement FIFA suggests that no player be penalized for showing messages of solidarity, support or endorsement of Floyd, although this is a specific case, which has nothing to do with see in other situations when political or similar messages have been shown.

Understanding in Germany

In the same conciliatory line the German sports authorities have expressed themselves, even remembering that the regulations sanction these gestures.

DFB President Fritz Keller has already expressed that he understood the actions of the players and that he had "great respect" for their protests, and the head of the federal court, Hans E. Lorenz, was on one line also conciliatory. " I have no doubt that the Control Committee will treat the matter with prudence and judgment ," he told dpa, recalling that in the past the players involved normally received a warning.

For his In part, the German Olympic Committee (DOSB) also showed its support to the country's athletes who want to express their opinion on the matter. "It is extremely gratifying when the athletes fulfill their role as role models that they are always urged to be, and raise their voices on a completely unacceptable matter," said the organisation's president, Alfons Hoermann, to the public broadcaster ZDF.

"I can only encourage you to say what you think and show what you feel. I can only hope that federations and organizations show the right judgment in evaluating these actions. When unacceptable things happen around the world, is not only correct, but speaking is the duty of sport ", he sentenced.


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