FIFA asks not to sanction players for showing solidarity with George Floyd

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Dortmund's Sancho shows a message in support of George Floyd after scoring a goal.

FIFA appealed on Tuesday to the organizers of the various competitions currently at stake not to penalize players who show solidarity with George Floyd, a black citizen who He died in the United States after a police officer immobilized and suffocated him to death after putting a knee over his neck.

The body chaired by Gianni Infantino through an official statement, declared that it understood "fully" the depth of the feelings and concerns expressed by many soccer players "in light of the circumstances "who surrounded" the tragic death "of George Floyd.

"FIFA reiterates its opposition to all forms of racism and discrimination having recently reformed its own disciplinary rules with the aim of eradicating this type of behavior. FIFA has also promoted numerous campaigns against racism by sending messages against this scourge during games under its jurisdiction, "he said.

"The application of the Laws of the Game approved by the IFAB is the responsibility of the organizers of the respective competitions, who must use common sense and take into account the context surrounding the events," he added.

He also indicated that to clarify any "ambiguity" in FIFA competitions, he stressed that the recent protests by some players during the matches that were played in the German Bundesliga, "should deserve applause, in no case a sanction ".

"We should all say no to any form of racism and discrimination. We should all say no to violence and all forms of violence," he said.

Last weekend, several players used some matches in the German League to show messages of solidarity with Floyd. In his honor, the French Marcus Thuram, from Borussia Mönchengladbach, knelt on the field after scoring a goal and the Englishman Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund, asked for justice through a message on a shirt.

The German soccer federation announced that it was going to evaluate the possibility of sanctioning players for violating the rules that prohibit messages or images of a religious or personal political nature in the kit.

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