Félix Gómez national champion of Adopted Dressage Football News

Poultry farmer and horse fan, he was Felix's calling card until 2016. That year, everything changed. He fell from a roof on his farm, a few kilometers from Toledo, and suffered a complete spinal injury. He was admitted to the National Paraplegic Hospital for almost a year. With discharge in hand, he told his friend Mario that he wanted to ride a horse again. “Quite reckless,” he assures, “we pulled Faraco, my horse of more than 20 years, to a dock and I got on. Then, I realized that no, that riding is a matter of legs, and I no longer had them. "

The Royal Federation of Spanish Horse Riding and Para-Equestrian Dressage

The desire finally could. Discovering the existence of Adapted Dressage and getting in contact with the Royal Horse Riding Federation through Fátima Cao, responsible for the para-equestrian area, they did the rest. In a short time, Félix had a trainer: Itziar Auz and with her, he emphasizes, his team of stalwarts: Montse (physiotherapist), Luis Miguel (horse caretaker), his friend Mario and his wife, Crescen.

" At first, attending competitions was not among his thoughts, but he did not care when the opportunity arose "

Improving muscle tone, balance, and motor skills were the key to being able to ride again and he concentrated his efforts on this. At first, attending competitions was not among his thoughts, but he did not care when the opportunity arose.

Division into 6 Degrees, according to the rider's injury

Adapted Dressage divides athletes into 6 degrees. Riders with the greatest disability compete in I and those with lesser disabilities in V. In group VI we find athletes with intellectual disabilities. Forming a binomial with the horse Merlin, 2020 has been the year of Felix. In the National Championship he has won the gold, in a very close duel in Grade II with "another great" from the para-equestrian, Natalia Quintana. And, "like everything, whatever happens, is to continue", he repeats with a smile, and "seek new goals", the following are already clear: next year, to be able to go to the European and then … the Paralympics