Fedun is indignant, Dzagoev dropped out for a month, searches were conducted at Sushinsky

Fedun is indignant, Dzagoev dropped out for a month, searches were conducted at Sushinsky 5
SPARTAK WILL GO TO THE PET CUP SEMI-FINAL The RFU Executive Committee decided yesterday that the semifinal of the Russian Cup Zenit Spartak ”will be held in St. Petersburg. The question of determining the owner of the field in this game caused a lot of controversy even before the season stopped. The point, we recall, is that the new regulation of the Cup did not clearly spell out who should be the host in ½ final. Red and white insisted on the draw, however, the RFU considered this to be unfair, since it was not ruled out that the club could play all stages of the tournament at a party, and the executive committee decided to hold the cup semi-final in St. Petersburg on the basis of the rules that had been in force until the past the season in which this stage of the Russian Cup was played from two matches. In other words, Zenit got the right to host a meeting at the Gazprom Arena due to fewer home games in the previous rounds of the tournament. Head of the RFU Alexander Dyukov emphasized that the executive committee acknowledged the mistake in developing the regulations, calling it technical. It was eventually corrected, and the decision was supported by a majority of votes with one against and several abstentions. Among the latter was Dyukov. “As for the draw, it was really envisaged, but while maintaining the two-match format of the semifinals. That was the mistake. And that's why I had to make changes after the fact. There is nothing good about it, but the measure was compelled and in this case justified, ”the executive committee of Dyukov explained. The boss of Spartak was extremely dissatisfied with it. Leonid Fedun, obviously, expressed emotion about pushing the interests of the St. Petersburg club and that "it remains to put Judge Vilkova for the match," because of the mistakes of which rivals of blue-white-blue suffered more than once. You can understand Leonid Arnoldovich: the away match incurs only continuous losses, and even reduces the chances of Spartak players on the euro autumn. Which, again, will affect the income of Muscovites. On the claim, Dyukov answered: “We know Fedun as an emotional person who loves football and worries about Spartak. But, I think, you yourself understand that there is no forcing of Zenit interests in the RFU. Otherwise, the players of this team would already have gold medals on their chests, because the season could be completed ahead of schedule. "They really decided to finish the season, but this doesn’t cancel the highest order medals on the chest of the St. Petersburg team. A number of other important issues were also discussed at the executive committee of the RFU. In particular, Dyukov confirmed that football players from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia will no longer be considered legionnaires in the RPL. This decision for players from the EAEU countries was made at the government level, as it was before with the players from Belarus, and comes into force on July 1. But in the RPL, the new rules will work from next season. When the new season starts, it is not yet known exactly. It was originally supposed to be August 2 or 3. But the executive committee did not make any final decisions on Tuesday. Club representatives would like to start the championship a week later, on the 9-10th. The RFU will continue consultations with the RPL on this issue. As for the transfer window, it will open in late July, presumably on the 26th. And the Russian side will ask UEFA to expand it, due to special circumstances, from 8 to 12 weeks. For the replay period of the 2019/20 season, clubs will be allowed to point-up re-applications of players from their youth teams and sports schools. Exceptions have also been made for football players whose lease expires or has been extended, and for those whose clubs lost their professional status during the pandemic. DZAGOEV LOSED BECAUSE OF INJURY As for Wagner Love, whose return to CSKA is postponed , then the Brazilian does not fall under any of the points. And no appeals about him from CSKA to the RFU were received. Wagner, if his transfer to the army camp will take place, will be able to play for the red-blue only starting from the 2020/21 season. Meanwhile, the army team once again lost the midfielder Alan Dzagoev, who injured his hip in training the red-blue. According to preliminary estimates, the “crystal” player dropped out for a month. If the forecasts for Dzagoev’s restoration do not change, then he will have to miss the first matches of the season’s replay, the restart of which is scheduled for June 19. Police came to the SUSHINSKY HOUSE the former president of Vanguard Maxim Sushinsky got into a scrupulous history . Yesterday, he confirmed the fact of searches by officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in his car dealership with the club name of the same name, the official Mercedes-Benz dealer in St. Petersburg. The 2008 World Champion Sushinsky served as president in Avangard HC, but his contract with the club ended on April 30. He is currently negotiating a new agreement with the hawks. However, not everyone wants to see the Su-33 in its former position, despite the presence of high patrons in the former hockey star. And then the hot news arrived just in time “by the way.” “Yes, they came with searches,” Sushinsky told RBC. – Request documents on transactions, legal entities. I do not know why they came. Because this is a normal procedure, and usually they requested it through letters, and now they came to see it. But I’m calm because we don’t engage in any fraud. ”According to some reports, the police searched 30 addresses as part of a money laundering case through car dealerships. Group businessman suspected of cashing out funds. According to investigators, businessmen sold cash received from the sale of expensive foreign cars. As for Sushinsky, he was not in the house when the police arrived. HABIB FIGHT FROM GETJA IN SEPTEMBER The fight between UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and interim American champion Justin Gatgi is planned to be held in September, presumably 19- date. The location of the battle has not yet been agreed. Habib’s manager emphasized that no rival replacement was planned. Gatgy took possession of the UFC interim lightweight title after knocking out American Tony Ferguson in May. Nurmagomedov was supposed to fight with the latter in April, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, a fighter from Dagestan could not fly to the USA to defend the title. After that, Dana White, the head of promotion, organized a duel between Gatgey and Ferguson. In the career, the 31-year-old Gotchi has 22 wins and two losses. His peer Nurmagomedov has 28 fights in mixed martial arts, and not a single defeat.

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