Fedun got excited, and the RFU did everything wrong. Separate opinion about the match “Zenit” – “Spartak”

Fedun got excited, and the RFU did everything wrong. Separate opinion about the match “Zenit” - “Spartak” 5
TECHNICAL ERROR IN THE REGULATION Before the resumption of the season in Russia 10 more days, and we already have a sight, a tragedy, intrigue, scandals and, of course, conspiracy theories. It’s immediately obvious: all participants in the process passionately missed football … On June 9, the RFU Executive Committee decided to hold the semifinal of the Russian Cup “Zenit” – “Spartak” in St. Petersburg. A separate vote was required because, as it turns out, the rules of the current season prescribed the rules for determining the hosts only to … 1/8 finals, which created a conflict situation out of the blue. Russia becomes a team that played less often at home in previous stages. The Spartacists had two meetings in their native walls (with Rostov and CSKA), with Zenit one (with Tomyu). The executive committee voted to give the long-suffering semifinal to Gazprom Arena. The decision itself is explainable. Moreover, in the quarterfinals Khimki hosted Torpedo at home, based on the same logic. But the red-and-white dissatisfaction is equally logical, believing that their interests have been violated. WHAT DIFFERENCE WHICH IS THE EMPTY STADIUM TO PLAY IN? The president of Spartak Leonid Fedun reacted very emotionally. He called “Zenith” a heavyweight pushing through any requests, and proposed “to heap” to appoint Mikhail Vilkov, judge hated by red-white judge … RFU President Alexander Dyukov decided not to tense the situation, diplomatically noting that this comment by Fedun is “on the edge.” Well, yes – on the edge. Leonid Arnoldovich really got excited. He would have had strong evidence of lobbying the interests of Zenit, it could have been presented, otherwise it’s just emotions. And is it really important for Spartak (as well as its rival) to become the owner of the semifinals? The stadium will still be filled with no more than 10 percent (not including the VIP box). Neither from a sporting nor from a financial point of view the difference is great. WHO was PUNISHED FOR AN ERROR? But the conversation is not about Fedun, but about the actions of the RFU. Since 2005, only one president of this organization has not had a Zenit past – Nikolai Tolstykh. Vitaly Mutko, Sergey Fursenko and Dyukov left Zenit. Therefore, the current head of the RFU could not fail to understand that any controversial decision in favor of blue-white-blue would cast a shadow on the authority of the RFU. Yes, during the vote on this issue, he abstained. But he could have found a more elegant way out of the situation in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Who, by the way, was punished for a mistake in the regulations? Who is responsible for its preparation, who checks and endorses in the final form? At the RFU – what, there are no legal services? Where are the sanctions against those who made an absolutely unthinkable puncture? .. And HOW ABOUT THE MEDICAL REGULATION? Instead of the trial, we see how the problem was simply “played out”. But, even stepping into such a puddle, it was not so difficult to get out of the water dry. The solution is obvious – and it’s not even a draw. Yes, you have a match in neutral territory – and all business! Suppose that in this case both parties could be dissatisfied at once, but an outside observer would definitely not be able to accuse the RFU of any kind of bias. And where are the guarantees that we will not see something like this in the near future? When, say, it is necessary to resolve inconsistencies in the clubs' compliance with the medical regulations of the RPL? .. What if “technical errors” crept into these regulations? ..

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