Faroese football player surpassed Messi himself: a hat-trick from penalties and poker in 13 minutes (video)

Faroese football player surpassed Messi himself: a hat-trick from penalties and poker in 13 minutes (video) 5
In the match of the 3rd round of the championship of the Faroe Islands against Argyr (5: 0) 21-year-old striker already in the 21st minute, scored four goals. His poker fit in a 13-minute gap. But most importantly, Justinussen scored the second, third and fourth goals … with direct shots from the free-kicks. Moreover, from a very long distance and from different angles. Un football aux Îles Féroé 🇫🇴 souvent décrié et moqué, mais où la pratique du football se développe et qu'il ne faudra pas sous-estimé à l'avenir.
Et Adrian Justinussen (1998) pourrait être un acteur fort, lui le roi des coup-francs! Quadruplé et passe décisive en une mi-temps: pic.twitter.com/oYHDx3CZ4N— Nicolas (@ Nicolas891) May 24, 2020 We note that hat-tricks from the free kicks are extremely rare in football. Even the chief specialist in recent years on the implementation of standard provisions, Lionel Messi scored a maximum: this season he was successful in the Argentinean game of the Spanish championship against Celta. Well, the last hat-trick "a la Justinussen" in the top championships submitted in the 1998 season / 99 to Serbian midfielder Sines Mikhailovich, who scored three penalties for Lazio in the match against Sampdoria (5: 2). But Mikhailovich did not do poker at the same time. So the achievement of the young Faroese is really unique. Slovaks refused autumn tournaments. Is next season at risk? ISU announced that Slovakia will not hold the junior Grand Prix stage in Kosice and the Challenger in Bratislava in September. The reason is coronavirus. 05/17/2020 15:30 Figure skating Tigay Lev “Why did the conversation with the regions begin just now?” Yana Romanova answers a letter from Drachev. The President of the RRF sent letters to the members of the Council of the RRB in the regions arguing for his position on the main issues. In the regions, the letter was received with bewilderment. 05/12/2020 22:00 Biathlon Chikiris Oleg Kasperovich and Noritsyn, whom we lost. Why did the coaches choose Bulgaria? Next season, Alexander Kasperovich will work as the head coach of the Bulgarian biathlon team, and Vitaly Noritsyn will help him. 05/21/2020 22:30 Biathlon Chikiris Oleg Andrey Rublev: Sharapova or Kournikova? Of course, Masha. The famous Russian tennis player looked into the live Instagram of the journalist Maria Komandnaya. 05/07/2020 09:00 Tennis Julia Grigorievskaya In Jacksonville, one of the bloodiest fights of the year took place. No COVID-19 protocols (video) Americans Darren Elkins and Nate Landver set up a real meat grinder on UFC on ESPN 8. 05/17/2020 10:00 MMA Sergeyev Ivan In Germany – a Russian goal, in Spain – a penalty for Zidane, in Georgia – the first arrest rackets Under the heading “While you slept” – about the most interesting in the world of sports since last night. 05/25/2020 08:00 Football Mysin Nikolay The rich do not want to help the poor? Why in tennis they cannot raise money for the Soviet Sport players – about the plans of Djokovic, Federer, Nadal to help low-ranking tennis players. And why so many people don’t like their project. 05/09/2020 14:00 Tennis Mysin Nikolay The author of the golden pass of the 2014 World Cup did not return to Spartak. Waiting for the author of the golden goal? The 27-year-old German striker Mario Götze spent his entire career in Munich and Dortmund. Now he's out of work. It's time to go on an adventure. 05/24/2020 18:30 Football Zibrak Artyom Who passes into the "adults" – 2. Do not try to miss Panfilova and Rylov We continue the topic of yesterday's juniors, who from this year will constantly appear in "adult" international tournaments. 05.24.2020 17:00 Figure skating Tigay Lev Bragin will head the SKA, Kudashov is a consultant. What would that mean? Insiders are haunted. Again raised the topic of head coach in SKA. 05/24/2020 09:00 Hockey Domrachev Vladislav

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