Farewell to Francisco Mendoza, the most important man of the Dean's 130 years

Tomás González-Martín
Updated: 06/07/2020 19: 59h
Related newsHuelva is in mourning. From here the ships that conquered America departed and expanded our culture and our language. Yesterday, the best helmsman at Recreativo, the man who kept him the longest in First Division, the president who led to a final of the Copa del Rey, Paco Mendoza, left to meet in heaven with his Virgen de la Victoria, of whose brotherhood was captain over time. In fact, he worked on the canonical coronation process for this Virgin. His support for Easter in Huelva was another of his passions in this cardinal relationship with his land. Huelva and the Dean of Spanish football are hurt by the farewell of one of their leaders of this century.Franciso Muñoz, former adviser, openly declares that he is the fundamental man in the history of the club and points out that many who now boast him put sticks on the wheels in terrible timesAncient adviser to the entity, a trusted man of the leader, Francisco Muñoz thinks that the most important person in the 130 years of Recreativo's history has left, to warn that many who today The boast was not fair to "Paco" in the terrible years, when taking the boat forward found gaps because of the fire supposedly "friend." Another former counselor, Michael Dumois, and Esther Chaguaceda Obel will not forget him either. Everyone saw how the club was at the limit economically and knew how to feint and curse to take it to port. All these people share these hard times today with Pilar, his wife, who worked with Paco on the dream come true of the best Dean, and with his children, Curro and Victoria . Sports city is my best legacy, to create our quarry, "said the former president before ABC two years ago. What did Paco Mendoza do to be considered a beacon of Recreativo? Follower since childhood, manager in the complicated nineties, adviser since 1993, in the years when money was a pipe dream, he became president in 2001, with the team in Second, and he was promoted immediately. During his nine years in office he obtained two of the three promotions to the highest category of the team. Four of the five seasons for the Blue and Whites in the First Division were lived under a mandate that had two other exciting moments in football. The first was the final of the Copa del Rey played in 2003, surpassed by the powerful Mallorca of Eto’o . The second, the eighth place achieved in the honor division in the 2006-07 campaign, when he dreamed of debuting in European competitions. But Paco Mendoza highlighted that his two main goals in the club, of the He was proud, they were the inauguration of the Nuevo Colombino and especially the creation of the sports city. "That is my best legacy", he told us two years ago in Huelva, "the quarry must be our future and here is the place to form," he added. Mendoza left office in October 2010, when the club joined the Concursal law. He tried to buy the majority of the shares of Recreativo in June 2018, from in front of the company Zephir Homes but did not reach an agreement with the Huelva City Council. Francisco Mendoza Taboada was born in Huelva on April 8, 1949 and passed away on June 7, 2020 in his city. CEO of the Dean since 1993, became president in 2001. He inaugurated the Nuevo Colombino and created the sports city. He managed to have the club in First four years, in two stages, and be a Cup finalist in 2003.

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