Extra time may be canceled in the Italian Cup

The Italian Football Federation is considering canceling extra time in the remaining matches of the Italian Cup. Corriere dello Sport reports that if amendments to the regulation are adopted, the teams will immediately start a penalty shootout in the event of a tie. The return semi-finals of the Italian Cup will be played next Friday and Saturday. After a 3-month hiatus, the Italian football season will resume on June 12 with the Juventus – Milan match in Turin, and Napoli – Inter will take place on 13 June in Naples. The first semi-finals were held back in February. “Milan” and “Juventus” tied 1: 1, and “Inter” lost at home “Napoli” with the result 0: 1. The final of the Italian Cup will be held in Rome at the “Stadio Olimpico” on June 17th.

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