"Everyone silently looked at the floor and understood nothing." How Spartak was killed 27 years ago

"Everyone silently looked at the floor and understood nothing." How Spartak was killed 27 years ago 5
CORADO It's about the sadly memorable semifinal of the Cup of Cups. Romantsev's team was rightly considered a favorite in the confrontation with Antwerp. Two years earlier, the red-and-white reached the same stage of the Champions Cup, removing from the path of “Napoli” Diego Maradona and “Real”. Now, in the third-ranking Euro-tournament, the Russian hegemon skated in Liverpool (4: 2, 2: 0) and Feyenorde (1: 0, 3: 1) and, as it seemed, was obliged to do the same with the modest Belgians but … The Spartacists didn’t get into the finals at the Wembley man in black, whose name “Corrado” has become a household name for many years, though it would be more correct to call this Portuguese judge not Corado, but Coroado (this is his last name). In the return semi-final meeting in Antwerp, he did everything to postpone the first European Cup final for Russia until better times. As it turned out later, until 2005, when CSKA won the UEFA Cup. Well, on April 22, 1993, the following happened. Spartak arrived in Antwerp with a comfortable 1-0 home win. Moreover, already at the 10th minute Dmitry Radchenko doubled the advantage of Muscovites in the sum of two meetings. The hosts now had to score three times. In other words, to do the impossible. And yet Antwerp succeeded, because Corado really wanted it. After the break, the Portuguese whistled exclusively in one direction, not recording violations of the hosts and inventing fouls for the guests. He killed Spartak with the composure of a maniac who encountered a lonely woman in Bitsevsky Forest Park. And the apotheosis came in the 77th minute, when our hero for no reason … sent a penalty into the goal Stanislav Cherchesov and showed a red card to Viktor Onopko, when the ball … was far behind outside the penalty area of ​​Muscovites, in half of the Antwerp field … “THE BIGGEST TRAGEDY” After an exact hit by Hans-Peter Lenhoff from the “point”, the score was 3: 1 in favor of the Belgians. There were 12 minutes to play, but the demoralized Spartak was no longer able to organize the final assault with ten men. It was a collective shock mixed with hysteria. The magnificent team of Cherchesov, Onopko, Radchenko, Igor Ledyakhov, Dmitry Khlestov, Valery Karpin, Nikolai Pisarev, Andrey Pyatnitsky, Dmitry Popov, Andrey Chernyshov and Fedor Cherenkov and 19459003 and disqualified and and ] Vladimir Beschastnykh missed the most painful blow of the entire Romanesque era. – What can you say 27 years after the “Antwerp nightmare”? – a question to one of the leaders of Spartak -1992/93 (6 goals in Cup Cup) Pyatnitsky who is now included in the coaching the headquarters of the farm club of the Tula "Arsenal" .- This is the biggest tragedy in my career. We then had to play at Wembley. But – did not happen. I remember that they came to Belgium with pathos. Like, what is Antwerp? In Moscow, they defeated this team quite easily. Now they quickly led 1-0. Honestly, there was not even a minimal doubt that we will reach the final. However, not very correct refereeing destroyed everything. – Before the game, Antwerp head coach Walter Meuves called you the most dangerous Spartak player. – Yes, we all had a heyday then. Me too. He claimed the title of the best scorer of the Cup of Cups. We with the forward of Antwerp Alex Chernyatinsky had six goals. Although, I did not think to compete with him. He is still a forward, I am a midfielder. Different functions. I just wanted to win and fight for the first Eurotrophy in the history of Spartak. – How did you manage to score so much then? Both Antwerp in Moscow suffered from you, and Feyenord in Rotterdam, and Liverpool in both matches. – I’ll tell you a secret: the greatest pleasure for a defensive midfielder or central midfielder is to launch an attack, which then conceive and then complete it. It is an ideal, perfection. In that Cup Cup, I started a lot of attacks and ended a lot. And in that Antwerp match with a score of 1: 1 I had a wonderful moment that I created for myself. He robbed the defender, went almost one on one with the goalkeeper and – missed. Then he recalled this episode, still – like a knife to the heart … If he had scored, the Belgians would not have been saved. However, even without this they should not have been saved. They were helped to do this. “FIFA GIVEN THE INSTALLATION NOT TO START OUR CLUBS BEFORE THE SEMI-FINALS” – Can we say that Spartak was condemned then? – Well, what else can I call it? Many years later, he learned that at the FIFA level, UEFA had been instructed not to let former Soviet and Russian clubs go further than the semi-finals. And so it happened. – How realistic was it then to win the Cup of Cups? In the final, they would have played with Parma Nevio Skala. – I think we could defeat the Italians. Then the team at Spartak was diverse. All players are individually strong. Each played, as expected, on his instrument – and a good orchestra formed. True, Radchenko was injured in that match. There were also disqualifications. But all the same, in comparison with Antwerp we were much stronger. This was also understood by the opponent. “KILLED WHAT TO SPEAK THERE” – What happened to the remote Onopko in the locker room? – Yes, the same as with each of us. We came to the locker room, everyone sat down and simply no one said anything. There were no words. They looked at the floor and did not understand how this happened. But you know, you can’t just hang all the dogs on a judge. We are also “well done”. They acted like a dude. – Why? – On the day of the game, we went shopping with my wives. They looked like they looked Antwerp. Complete slackness, foppishness, you cannot say otherwise. It was necessary to take more seriously. Still, the semifinal of the European Cup … At the same time, most of the match on the field was all laid out in full. But he still sat in his head: in a month we’ll go out to the Wembley field. This final was supposed to be the last for the legendary stadium before closing for reconstruction. Everyone was looking forward to the participation of Spartak in such a historic event. And they forgot about Antwerp. They stood in the finals not even with one foot, but with one foot and two hands. – Karpin said that he could not hold back tears then. After that, he experienced such feelings only once – in 1999, when Alexander Filimonov missed the famous ball from Andrei Shevchenko … – I did not cry in Antwerp, but there was a devastation. It hurts to remember all this. Here you say Parma Rocks. Yes, then this team was just emerging. If we reached the final, we would have something to defeat her. – So, what did the Portuguese judge do in this ill-fated episode? It was a corner, Spartak fought back, transferred the ball to half the Belgians – and then the referee ran half the field to his assistant, talked with him about something and punished your team with a penalty and removal of Onopko. – Yes, how much has been said -Talked on this topic. Onopko had nothing to do with it. It seems that the judge considered that one of the Belgians was pushed. Ehhh. I see no reason to repeat all this again. The referee had a clear intention not to let Spartak into the final. He performed it. Well, of course, we are also to blame. What is there …

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