elections to the Football Federation, on August 17



The Royal Spanish Football Federation announces that they have reached an agreement to call elections to the General Assembly, the Delegate Commission and the Presidency.

Voting to elect the 140 representatives of the General Assembly will take place on Monday, July 20, 2020 and the elections for the Presidency and the Delegate Commission will be held on August 17 or September 17 depending on whether or not the month of August by the Higher Sports Council is a working period for the electoral processes of the Federations.

Previous to the meeting of the Board of Directors, the Delegated Commission of the RFEF today proceeded to the appointment of the members of the Electoral Commission who are José Ignacio Prendes, lawyer and politician, who was a deputy for Citizens between 2016 and 2019 and previously a regional deputy in the General Board of the Principality of Asturias; Marisa Castelo, lawyer and, among other activities, president of the Electoral Board of the Spanish Academy of Sciences and Arts for Television; and Ricardo Ruano, Primary teacher, graduate in Physical Education, referee and soccer coach, master in Sports Law and secretary of the Sports Justice Committee of Navarra.

The elections will take place from today, 10 June 2020. According to the calendar accompanying the call, between June 12 and 24, candidates may be presented to the General Assembly, which will be definitively proclaimed on July 3, and until On July 13, you can vote by mail – upon request from tomorrow until June 24 – at post offices and notaries.

As already indicated, the elections to Members of the Assembly will be on July 20, from 10:00 to 17:00, simultaneously at the headquarters of the RFEF and at the corresponding regional federations as appropriate by estates.

On August 3 or September 3 e -depending on whether the CSD enables August- will take place the call for elections to the Presidency of the RFEF and the Delegate Commission of the Assembly and the first meeting of the Assembly. The candidates for President will have until August 4 or September 4 to present their candidacies and will be proclaimed as candidates that same day, while the deadline for submitting applications to the Executive Committee will last until August 16 or September . As already mentioned, the session of the General Assembly to elect the president of the RFEF and the Delegate Commission will take place on August 17 or September 17. If it were finally on August 17 and on that day a European competition match was played in which a Spanish team participated, the Assembly will move to the first day after that circumstance does not occur.

To the agreed call today the provisional electoral census is united; the distribution of the number of members of the General Assembly by specialties, estates and electoral constituencies; the electoral calendar; the official models of envelopes and ballots; the nominal composition of the Electoral Commission and terms for its challenge; the procedure for voting by mail; and the Electoral Regulations.

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