“Dubov's secret? He surprised Karjakin in the debut. " Elmira Mirzoeva – on the Russian confrontation

“Dubov's secret? He surprised Karjakin in the debut. " Elmira Mirzoeva - on the Russian confrontation 5
Let's start with the most interesting match for us between Daniil Dubov and Sergey Karjakin . Immediately it should be noted the debut preparation of Dubov. Daniel is known for trying to unconventionally approach the interpretation of openings. He tries not to play fashionable options, but prepares some of his own, half-forgotten. He pulls them out of the far box and thus surprises his rivals. We saw this not only in the match with Karjakin, but also in the game against Carlsen from the round robin, when Daniel chose an unusual construction in defense of Filidor. Recall that our grandmaster then defeated the world champion. Dubov managed to surprise Karjakin. For the first time, Daniel had white pieces. Sergei, apparently, counted on his favorite New Indian constructions as black, but Dubov chose the Catalan beginning. He got the advantage and brought the game to victory. In the second game, it seems, Karjakin had some technical problems with the Internet. As for the debut, that the Italian party arose, and Dubov applied a rather rare version with the move g5. Black taught a big advantage and won. In the third game, apparently, Karjakin had a technical failure. There are no first moves in the text of the game, we don’t know which debut was played, the text starts with a middlegame. Sergey was not happy with a draw; he was forced to play only for victory. Dubov outplayed his opponent in the endgame with diverse bishops and Sergey will have time to work on the mistakes. He has a stable debut repertoire, his opponents are well aware. They can adapt to this repertoire. This is exactly what Dubov did. A few words about the match Magnus Carlsen Wesley So . The world champion won the first two games without big problems, so in the third he purposefully played for a draw that suited him. And he made her white pieces in 18 moves. Carlsen is the main favorite of the tournament he organized. Today, in the second quarter-finals matches there are: Nakamura – Aronian, Yu Yanyi Dean Liren . Tomorrow : Karjakin – Dubov , So Carlsen. Regulations. The quarter finals consist of three matches and continue until two victories of one of the participants. The prize fund is $ 150,000. The winner will receive 45 thousand.

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