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This new River birthday contains circumstances never before experienced in history when it comes to celebrating it. The coronavirus pandemic stopped everyone from sports to head, and that is why the club is closed and without activities until the situation warrants it, to preserve the health of all.

This is why President Rodolfo D'Onofrio wrote heartfelt words in the Olé newspaper on what this very significant and at the same time particular day represents, stressing the importance of continuing to project dreams and new challenges, highlighting the effort and commitment of the partners despite the difficulties and providing details on the institutional actions so that the structure continues to function despite the situation that affects the world.

  D'Onofrio's letter:

"This anniversary finds us facing a huge challenge. For the first time in its history, the club has been closed for more than two months, we do not have football and a large part of our activities have been moved to a distance mode. However, we are standing today we celebrate 119 and our dreams are still intact.

The huge River community is kept connected by the multiple tools that technology offers us, practicing more than 40 disciplines and participating in multiple cultural and social activities. Our Infant-Youth soccer program is still active. The professional team maintains an individual physical preparation plan that seeks to alleviate the effects of lack of play and collective training. The club's doctors have made themselves available to the River Plate family to guide them during this crisis. The rest of the staff works remotely, or going to the club when their task is essential, to take care of the common home that all of us who are part of River have. And the partners have shown enormous commitment, taking care of what they want most, everything they can.

In times of social isolation the club is also a leader in digital platforms in the country and in the region, close to millions of fans, who it accompanies with all kinds of content and proposals so that this quarantine becomes a little more bearable. But this good news does not hide what we all already know: that this crisis is going to change us in many ways and that the future belongs to those who can return strengthened.

As the director of the World Health Organization (WHO) said a few days ago, if there is something that this virus is teaching us it is humility. And with the pride of knowing we are from the River Plate, from that humble and patient place that the situation demands, we are working for our club to continue dreaming of a better and better River.

Today, as on every birthday, we will make wishes. We know that these wishes do not come alone, that you have to go out and look for them as the founders of River Plate did, who wanted to have a club and formed the greatest of all. As all the riverplatenses were doing throughout its history to get to where we are now. And as did the great Amadeo, who left us a few months ago but is still present in the heart of each one of us.

Just like you I miss the club, the chats with friends, the nerves and the excitement before a game, the full field, the movement of thousands of members who every day participate in the club's sports and social life, guys and girls playing everywhere. But I know that soon we will relive everything that we like: getting closer, hugging each other, being able to greet each other with a kiss, team games, the goal scream and the euphoria of each new cup.

So this time my wish is for the future, because River is a unique club for its history but also for its promise to the future. For everything we see growing in our quarry, for the small and small riverplatenses, for our projects and challenges, for each new member, for each baby that was born during this quarantine and is already part of the club, and also for each new life that reaffirms its status as a partner forever.

For all this, let's toast: we are great today and we will be even greater tomorrow!

Happy birthday, River Plate! "

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