D'Onofrio received a proposal so that River can train | River Plate

D'Onofrio received a proposal so that River can train | River Plate 5

Nadir Ghazal

12:00 pm

The coronavirus pandemic slowed football down to zero in our country, and it is very complex to determine whether training will be able to return in a relatively close period. But because in the vast majority of the country the pandemic has struck more lightly and some activities have already become more flexible, the mayor of Mar del Plata has offered the alternative so that River can work in that city , when the national government allows it.

“I spoke to D’onofrio because I have many years of knowledge. We talked every once in a while, yesterday I told him what had occurred to me and I also mentioned it to Tapia, so that he knows about other institutions that may want to come, "said Mar del Plata Mayor Guillermo Montenegro in dialogue with Radio Eter.

Where would athletes stay so that there are no risks of contagion? " There are many places in our city that can help as a capsule or a bubble, such as the Villa Marista or the club grounds. It would serve to give work to hotels that are not working," added Montenegro .

It should be noted that Mar del Plata was not the first location that offered River facilities to resume training when the situation permits, since a few days ago the Greatest received an invitation from the Governor of the province of Jujuy to carry out the preseason.

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