Dmitry Vasiliev: I don’t want to sing the praises of Fourcade

Two-time Olympic champion in biathlon Dmitry Vasiliev admitted that he did not sympathize with the current leaders of the world biathlon after they behaved towards Russian athletes. He noted that the situation with coronavirus is greatly inflated, Match-TV reports. “Of course, I am not an expert in this field, but I perceive the story with coronavirus as artificially inflated. Someone makes money on this. Well, we don’t know about it yet. Probably, after a while this will be known, but maybe we will never know, ”said the specialist. In his opinion, one does not need to sympathize or sing praises to Marten Fourcade, who lost only two points in the overall standings of the World Cup to Johannes Be nor to the Norwegian himself. “After they showed themselves at the World Cup, I do not sympathize with any of them. I sympathize with noble people, people who know how to lose, who know how to behave with honor and dignity, "said Vasiliev. Assessing the results of the national team last season, he added that it is necessary to radically change the management system of the Russian Biathlon Union. According to him, there are obvious systemic miscalculations that do not allow our biathletes to show good results.

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