Dmitry Torbinsky: It is safer in the USA than in Russia. But I didn’t leave because of the politics of

Dmitry Torbinsky: It is safer in the USA than in Russia. But I didn’t leave because of the politics of 5
– Walking areas and restaurants are already being opened in our country. Today opened the main shopping center of the city. But, to be honest, it does not pull in public places. During these two months I got used to self-isolation. Being engaged with children, he pulled up English. I taught him four months after moving to the USA. Then he found work as a trainer and practiced language. Now, thanks to quarantine, I have mastered it even better. I try to pronounce the words in American. ABOUT GREEN CARD
– The final interview was scheduled for April 27th. But now everything has been postponed indefinitely. However, I don’t really worry. Difficulties with the green card should not arise. In the presence of a lawyer, they ask you questions, you answer. A lawyer costs $ 8,000. ABOUT TAXES
– In the States they are higher than in Russia. But it didn’t scare me before the move. I went here to give children freedom of choice. And he himself wanted to live in another country. Education? Americans are simply zombie to them. I want children to grow up as educated people. But the diploma does not solve everything. Even here, although many Americans think differently. ABOUT CARS
– There was a Tesla, a cool car, but I took it on lease – I already gave it away. There was still a van. And in Moscow, I also drove a Mercedes in a jeep. ABOUT THE CLOSE OF AMERICANS
– I still do not understand what they are. Americans are peculiar, that's for sure. Another mentality. Sometimes they have parties, planning to sit on folding chairs in front of the house with several houses. They get it high. Of course, I do not consider myself an American. The children, however, are already starting to speak English among themselves. This is their choice. But I think of myself as Russian so far. ABOUT THE BUREAU
– Any issue here is resolved for a very long time. Get a coaching license – the whole story! You fill in endless papers and at the same time should get practice. And how is this possible if I just finished playing myself … Now I'm training a semi-professional team. The process is very poorly organized. Just a mess. Sometimes on one field comes three teams. There aren’t enough balls for everyone. ABOUT INTER MIAMI
– To get into the club David Beckham you need to get category B. I just went to these courses, before there’s no way It was. I didn’t manage to get out to the matches of MLS. Due to a pandemic. I’m not familiar with Beckham either. Maybe I'll meet you again. ABOUT THE IDEA TO GO FOR THE OCEAN
– In 2017, I thought about it. In October 2018, they filed documents – and two weeks later they received approval. Of course, it was possible to leave for Europe, but America seemed to me more interesting. Including – in terms of sports. I like all this surroundings, marketing of local professional leagues, how it works here. ABOUT OFFERS OF EUROPEAN CLUBS
– While playing, I could go abroad. From Spartak they called to Germany, to Valencia. After Euro 2008, they came from Lyon, sort of from Zaragoza too. But this is closer to 2010, when I was at Lokomotiv. Why didn’t you leave? The club doubled my salary. ABOUT POLICY
– This is certainly not the reason for my move. Yes, in the States I feel more protected. But in Russia I had nothing to complain about. I have built a good career. I have achieved a lot. I just did not want to stop, I went for new skills and impressions. It became interesting to integrate into other society and culture with our own principles. ABOUT LEAVING THE SEMIN FROM LOCO
– I do not follow the news from Russia very carefully, but I heard about Yuri Semin , of course. What can I say? He always had his own vision, his own opinion. He is stubborn enough. This helped him achieve so much … For Loko, Palych is an icon. But new people came to the club, a conflict of interests arose. To be honest, I’m not too interested in what exactly happened there. ABOUT THE MAIN TEAM OF LIFE
– I consider myself a Spartak. Still, Spartak raised me. ABOUT PIT
– We have been friends with Fedya since the time we came to Krasnodar together. At the end of last year, he flew to New York. I also drove there. We went to hockey. It is good that Smolov is now in Spain. God forbid that everything in his “Celta” work out. Although, if I left at the peak, when for two years in a row I became the top scorer of the RPL, it would be easier.

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