Dmitry Sennikov: I plan to fly in March to Bocelli’s concert in Amsterdam

“A MIRACLE HAPPENED IN LIVERPOOL” – Two significant events happened on Wednesday in the Champions League: “Liverpool” left the tournament, “PSG »Reached the quarterfinals for the first time in four years. How did Atlético manage to defeat Jurgen Klopp's team at Anfield?
– I can call the incident a miracle. “Liverpool” crushed the whole game, missed a lot of opportunities to make the score 2-0 in regular time … But we must pay tribute to the players of “Atletico”. They bent their line, stood tightly in defense. Plus – Ian Cloud gave a fantastic match. – Nevertheless, the outcome was largely determined by the mistake of the vis-a-vis Cloud – goalkeeper of Liverpool Adrian.
– I agree, this episode became a key one. Alisson's injury affected – Adrian is much inferior to the main goalkeeper of Liverpool in the class. However, Madrid is still great fellows. It is also necessary to withstand the onslaught of an opponent who is constantly attacking. The hosts delivered 34 shots, 12 on target, and scored only two goals. All this was a bit like the recent match of Zenit – Ufa. The same unconditional advantage of the favorite. True, the Ufa people didn’t miss it at all then. – Do you think Simeone had Plan B? If “Atletico” hadn’t scored Roberto Firmino almost immediately after the goal because of that mistake, could the guests add to the attack?
– It seems to me that Simeone would not have driven the team headlong ahead. What for? Another 25 minutes remained. Enough to get a moment, even acting on defense. I am sure Atlético would continue to stick to Plan A. To play against Liverpool from an attack is suicide. And Simeone’s tactics worked. In addition to Adrian’s mistake, there were two more assists from Madrid against the goal. “CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FAVORITES -“ BAVARIA ”AND“ MAN CITY ” Dmitry Sennikov: I plan to fly in March to Bocelli’s concert in Amsterdam 5 – In previous years, “Atletico” often missed certain victories in the Champions League itself. Now, having knocked out “Liverpool”, will the team be liberated and be able to swipe for the title?
– No, to the favorites of the Champions League I am “Atletico” I don’t reckon with such a game. Somehow Madrid still won’t be enough. The semi-final, perhaps the final is their ceiling. In my opinion, the two main contenders for the title are Bavar I and Man City. – And the PSG after defeating the Dortmund Borussia?
– Parisians looked very convincing on Wednesday. They have a great composition. Not to miss Dortmund is a big deal And yet, I put “Bayern” and “Man City” higher. Although who knows how the teams will distribute the draw? And in general, will this Champions League play out? You see what is happening around. – When the matches in in order to fight coronavirus without spectators, does this affect the result?
– Here, “PSG” defeated “Borussia” at the empty “Park de Prens”. But anyway, playing with the fans is more pleasant. Both owners and guests. With full stands, the legs begin to run faster. It’s a completely different atmosphere. “I DON’T REVEAL THE PANIC FROM FAMILIARIES” Dmitry Sennikov: I plan to fly in March to Bocelli’s concert in Amsterdam 6 – On March 17, UEFA will decide how to finish the game in Eurocups and national championships. It might be announced that Euro 2020 will be postponed for the year. What would you do?
– It’s hard to say. We don’t know how long the epidemic will last. Probably the easiest way to really move the Euro and to postpone for the summer the ending of the national championships, which are now suspended. Or you can play the titles in the “Final Four.” If the teams We won’t be against it. In any case, we need to play tickets to the European Cup next season. – Is it possible to hold Euros in 12 countries in the current situation, as planned so far? This is a massive movement of fans.
– It was possible only local residents would be allowed to the stands, stadiums would fill up anyway, even at matches without the participation of their own national team, however, if the tournament did take place in the summer, it was likely to be without spectators. I won’t be surprised at this scenario. – When was the last time you were abroad?
– In November, in Italy. Then nothing has begun. Now I am interested in my friends what is happening in Europe. I don’t notice any terrible panic. Someone flew to Paris on March 8. There the Louvre was opened again. But the antibacterial gel in pharmacies is over … Someone has visited Milan. They measured the temperature and let them in. – Would you now agree to a trip to Italy?
– To Italy? Not. But going to Holland at the end of March. Back in December, I bought tickets for a concert by Andrea Bocelli . But now I don’t know if he will come to Amsterdam in connection with this whole situation. – The struggle against the epidemic also began in Moscow. Do you limit yourself somehow?
– I used to use the metro, now I try not to go down there. Still, it is a powerful vector of infection. This is where the crowds are. “I SEE KOKORIN IN LOCOMOTIVE Dmitry Sennikov: I plan to fly in March to Bocelli’s concert in Amsterdam 7 – One match was postponed in RPL-2019/20 even before the appearance of the coronavirus, when the Sochi players caught a sore throat …
– Then the temperature affected the guys. They went to sunny Ufa from sunny Sochi and became ill. Recently, that match against Orenburg was finally played To be honest, I did not expect Sochi to win 5-1. – Strange goals were scored in this game, the judge awarded an incomprehensible penalty.
– Well, technically there was a violation in the penalty box of “Orenburg.” But in England such an 11-meter would hardly have been given. An attacker should stand on his feet and cover the ball with his body, and not fall at the slightest contact. – What impression does Alexander Kokorin make out in this double match?
– It’s clear that Kokorin is now angry in sports. And with such a good mood, he will surely continue to score, in Sochi a good composition, there is someone to supply him with convenient gears. – After all what he said about “Zenith” in a recent interview, believe in his return summer in the St. Petersburg club?
– What matters is that he spoke to the management face to face, and not what was published in the press. Disagreements, if any, can always be resolved at the intra-club level. In any case, renting in Sochi did Kokorin good. This is better than getting in Zenith 15-20 minutes. The most important thing for any football player is practice. I remember how in my youth I moved to CSKA and did not play. But then he ended up in the first league, in Rubin, and from there he got to the basis of Lokomotiv. – Where do you see Kokorin in the summer?
– If you do not return to Zenit, then in Lokomotiv ". There is just not enough striker. Kokorin or, say, Eldor Shomurodov would have been perfect. “CONFLICTS IN LOCO BIGGERED THE PRESS MORE” Dmitry Sennikov: I plan to fly in March to Bocelli’s concert in Amsterdam 8 – how did it happen that when Fyodor Smolov was let out on loan to Celta, Loko didn’t take anyone in the winter? Do you think this is a sabotage of the leadership towards Yuri Semin?
– Isn’t it so easy to find a decent candidate on the market A ready-made player was needed. It’s pointless to take someone into perspective at the end of the season. So João Mariou came and immediately began to play. But not every time such a thing – Is it worth redeeming Maria in the summer for 18 million euros from Inter, as was the case with Grzegorz Krychowiak and PSG last season?
– This, of course, is a serious amount. whether Lokomotiv will enter the Champions League, guaranteeing a decent bonus from UEFA. Well, the club policy as a whole matters. Maybe the management is going to take a course on rejuvenation. Plus – ahead of the reconstruction of the stadium. This is also an expense … Although betting on youth, as in Leipzig, is unlikely to produce the same effect. Will have to rebuild the entire training system. No one can play such an energy-intensive football in our championship at the moment. – From recent statements by Loko CEO Vasily Kiknadze, it was possible to conclude that the club is allowed to quickly replace Semin. Can you imagine a team with another head coach?
– Not yet. But it seems to me that the team now has a very good coaching staff. Near Semin are people who have come a long way with Lokomotiv. This and Oleg Pashinin and Dmitry Loskov, who can always tell the Miranchuk how to beat the penalty. And the club management is working fine. It seems to me that all these conflicts are inflated more by the press. – So you definitely don’t need to try a foreign specialist?
– But what's the point if you have your own? Semin knows best of all how the team is organized, how to maintain this almost family-friendly atmosphere, which has always distinguished Loko. A light conflict is sometimes even useful. Between coach and player. Between the coach and the president. So that everyone is in good shape. – So, is this whole dive between Semin and Kiknadze largely artificial?
– I don’t see a serious confrontation here. Here with Olga Smorodskaya Semin really had an open conflict … Now this is not close. And with Guberniev – this is more of a joke. I think that at the meeting Semin will calmly shake Dima’s hand. “SLUTSKY DOESN'T ENOUGH TARASOV IN THE REFERENCE AREA” Dmitry Sennikov: I plan to fly in March to Bocelli’s concert in Amsterdam 9 – I didn’t play then. And I don’t have any additional information … In general, I can’t imagine that Lokomotiv would do such things. There were hints in the first league that I went through. Sometimes there was a feeling that the judge is “charged” that the players behave unnaturally on the field, but he didn’t attach any importance to his youth. – Do you agree on the RPL today?
– And who needs them? You look at standings, who and whom will give what? So you can fly to the FNL. It’s believed, for example, that Akhmat and Rubin will not face such a fate. But I’ve studied the calendar and I’m not sure that both of these teams will save registration in the Premier League. – Whose chances of survival are higher?
– I liked Akhmat in the game against Lokomotiv. At least in butt games, Grozny should go out. Rubin’s situation is more complicated. Unless it is the idea [LeonidSlutsky – to hold the first spring matches “under load”, and then rush forward. But while in a similar scenario is not believed. Maybe the injury affects Dmitry Tarasov. Such a player in the base zone Slutsky is not enough. – Maybe it’s even useful for the updated Rubin to fly to the FNL to start gradually going upstairs next season?
– We have the Rangers option, which re-crossed the path from the lower leagues, is unlikely to ride. If Rubin flies out now, everyone will have to reduce salaries, the team will run away … Rather, I admit the expansion of the RPL if Kazan or Grozny flies out. Nobody wants to lose such regions. “NO BACK DEPENDENCE IN SPARTAK Dmitry Sennikov: I plan to fly in March to Bocelli’s concert in Amsterdam 10 – What about the golden race? " Is Zenit still feeling safe?
– The gap between Krasnodar has narrowed, but St. Petersburg has a good schedule, so they are unlikely to miss the championship. Zenit is the most stable team this season. I still really like the game, “Rostov.” – Valery Karpin disagrees with you. After defeating CSKA, he called his team’s game a disaster.
– He related these words Of course, it’s terrible when you miss two goals in the majority, and then almost miss the third. But the attack at Rostov is very interesting. And with the return after disqualification Matias Normann will return the necessary balance between the lines. – Who do you think favorite in the race of scorers – Artem Dziubu, Alexander Sobolev or Shomurodov?
– Sobolev is the most difficult. Still, in “Spartak” there are not so many shots into the penalty area. He will not be constantly played, as it was in “Wings.” – But there is Zelimkhan Bakaev, who has gained decent form, nearby. By the way, do not you think that Domenico Tedesco is too much tied to this midfielder? Many are already talking about tank dependence.
– I do not agree. In the attack, Spartak has enough options. You need to think more about defense. Here there are problems. “I regret that I did not go to SPORTING ISMAIL” Dmitry Sennikov: I plan to fly in March to Bocelli’s concert in Amsterdam 11 – Baka to become the national team leader at Euro 2020 if the tournament takes place in the summer?
– He has good prospects, like Sobolev and Nikolai Komlichenko but they still have to work and work to supplant from Dziubu, Alexander Golovin, Denis Cheryshev . Therefore, I don’t think that the backbone of the national team will undergo significant changes at the European Championships. – What are the reasons for the failure of Russian clubs ov in Eurocups?
– The transfer activity of clubs has noticeably decreased, but this is understandable – we are starting to count money, not taking into account the most favorable economic conditions, but in order to improve the results in Eurocups, you still have to buy football players, next to which there will be young people grow up. One without the other is impossible. – And do our youth need to go to Europe?
– Of course. If there is an interesting offer, you need to try, develop. There are more opportunities for progress in the top championship. – Have you ever been called abroad?
– Once. He could leave with Marat Izmailov in Sporting. But the injury prevented. – Then you felt sorry for them?
– Not without it. I was about thirty. In Sporting I would play for the same team as Marat. The championship is interesting. I would love to go if it weren’t for the injury. Dmitry Sennikov: I plan to fly in March to Bocelli’s concert in Amsterdam 12

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