Dmitry Alenichev: Today's Spartak squad does not allow to be in the top three

Former head coach of Moscow Spartak Dmitry Alenichev believes that the current squad is not able to achieve high results. “My opinion is today's squad“ Spartak "does not allow to be in the top three, let alone fight for high places. A very large amount was allocated to the summer transfer window, if not mistaken, about 40 million euros. Of these, almost 30 million, according to my information, were allocated for the purchase of two central midfielders in the person of Thiel and Kral. It seems to me that these are mid-level players, even by our Russian standards. Funds are inappropriately spent. Why do I say that? Perhaps some of the management or some of the fans think that all players need time to adapt. I do not think so. When football players are bought for 13-15 million, he should already show what he is capable of in the first month of work. I have something to compare, I was in their place: I was lucky to play in Italy, Portugal. Neither Zeman, nor Capello, nor Mourinho gave me time to adapt. And here is what I want to summarize, I would like to make a mistake, but if you take into account the amount of transfers, these are the two most disastrous deals in recent years at Spartak, ”Alenichev said on the air of the Russia 24 channel. This year, the 22-year-old Kral spent 24 matches and gave one assist. As for Til, the 22-year-old Dutchman played 19 matches, scored one goal and gave four assists. We add that Spartak takes eighth place in the RPL table, gaining 28 points. The team also fights for the Cup of Russia. In the semifinals, red and white will fight with Zenit.

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