Dmitry Alenichev: Some of my youth team already started football, while someone went to jail

Dmitry Alenichev: Some of my youth team already started football, while someone went to jail 5
– After the expiration of the contract with the Krasnoyarsk club, he immediately flew to Moscow. Then he went to Italy. I wanted to see Serie A football. An internship at Napoli was also planned, but due to unsuccessful performances of the team that led to the resignation of Carlo Ancelotti it had to be postponed indefinitely. And after the New Year, the internship at Atalanta also failed. This time due to a pandemic. In general, he spent a year in communication with friends and relatives. I visited the match of our team against Belgium. He tried to keep fit. ABOUT REPLACING THE SEMIN IN THE “LOCOMOTIVE” BY NIKOLICH
– Since 1992 I have known Yuri Pavlovich Semin, respect him as a person and a specialist. I think the leadership of Lokomotiv took a risky step without extending the contract with the head coach at least until the end of the season. And this, to some extent, puts in jeopardy Marco Nikolic . If it is not possible to immediately give a result, relations with fans will become even more aggravated, new scandals are possible … In general, if the club decided to say goodbye to Semin, then it was necessary to act differently. Arrange bright wires for him, and not say a banal thank you. ABOUT THE CURRENT SPARTAK
– It is difficult to evaluate the work Domenico Tedesco . He came during the season, and in the spring, after three rounds, a pause in the championship again. But in those matches that I saw, I liked how the players tried to carry out the coaching set, Spartak got a German game discipline. On the other hand, it is unlikely that the red and white fans are impressed that the team prefers to act as the second number. This is not a Spartak game.
In any case, in my opinion, expectations from the team are overstated. The composition does not allow you to be in the top three and fight for higher places, and after all, many almost require this. I believe that last summer, even before Tedesco came, Spartak spent inappropriately on Guus Teal and Alex Kral. 30 million euros is a serious amount. Despite the fact that 40 million were allocated for all transfers. Such money must be worked out immediately. I myself was in that position when I played in Italy and Portugal. And no one gave me time to adapt. But Teal and Kral showed nothing. So far, these are the most disastrous transfers of Spartak in recent years. ABOUT CARRERA
– After leaving Spartak in 2016, I constantly corresponded with Massimo Carrera for two or three months we congratulated each other on holidays. Then by chance we met in Dubai, talking about football. It was my initiative to invite him to Spartak. He had extensive experience playing for Juventus, then working as an assistant Antonio Conte . I know that now he is successfully training AEK. I wish him to make this team a champion, as in 2017 – Spartak. ABOUT FERNANDO AND VALBUEN
– Having arrived at Spartak, I took up a radical restructuring of the squad. We needed fresh blood. First of all, in the middle of the field, where only Denis Glushakov and Romulo were after the injury. He considered four candidates: two Africans from the French championship, and also Lassan Diarra and Fernando . Stopped at the last. And, I think, the Brazilian subsequently played one of the key roles in the championship of the Carrera team. Convincing Leonid Fedun in the purchase of Fernando for 12 million was not easy, but he nevertheless went forward. Then they took less expensive players. I also wanted to invite Mathieu Valbuen, but this transfer failed. ABOUT YOUNG RUSSIAN FOOTBALLERS
– Now, hard times have come for our football. Big transfers, as before, will not be. And raising your boy is much more difficult than throwing out 50 million state corporations on the Hulk . I had experience in the youth team of Russia. Six months ago, I looked where those guys were after ten years. Of the 20-25 players, at that time the best in the country, two now play in the RPL, and the majority in the FNL, PFL or the near abroad. Some even started football. And someone, unfortunately, is in prison.
I do not understand why this is happening? So, you need to change the whole system. After all, players from that team should now be in the juice itself. And they, by and large, are not in demand.

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