"Desábato wanted to communicate with me, but I said no", the memory of Franco Mussis about his injury

"Desábato wanted to communicate with me, but I said no", the memory of Franco Mussis about his injury 5

In the middle of a match between San Lorenzo and Estudiantes back in 2018, Franco Mussis received a hard infraction from Leandro Desábato and suffered a torn cruciate ligament. The midfielder was more than twelve months without playing and his level was never the same again.
Without going any further, the current gymnastics midfielder recalled that injury and admitted that Desábato tried to contact him to apologize, but Mussis did not want to attend him.
" I have not spoken with Desábato. He wanted to communicate with me, but I told him not to … Through intermediaries, other colleagues. It is already in the past, I will not continue speaking. But Obviously that descent has marked me. Today I am barbaric, I am fine … That made me grow in a lot of things, but you have to look ahead, show that I am fine, "said the midfielder, in dialogue with TNT Sports.
And in the same line, he added: " At the time I said no and everything was there. I did not receive any messages or anything. I am not going to be asking for it, but you have to turn the page. what happened, happened … that's it ".
" I think it was an experience, a life learning. In which it has taken me a year to be outside, but my recovery was important … I had no obstacle, it was always for the future. At my level, just now I'm feeling better. It takes time, you can go back to playing, but it takes you a longer period to feel good again. When I arrived at Gymnastics I was a little uneven in strength and I couldn't meet expectations, I'm self-critical Now I train double shift to try to improve and maintain strength levels, "added Mussis.
Finally, the flyer made it clear that he wants to stay in Gymnastics: " I would like to stay. Gymnastics is my home. I would like to stay and be important, I will renew if I am considered for the sports project … In the last time I had no continuity, so based on that I was going to make a decision yes or no ", he closed.

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