Denis Glushakov: I admit that I’ll play for Spartak

Denis Glushakov: I admit that I’ll play for Spartak 5
A lot of topics fit into the half-hour conversation within the framework of the Insiders program. Here are a few. ABOUT THE MAIN LESSON FOR THE LAST YEARS
– It became better to understand people. Now I don’t trust them that way. I am wary of everything. To be honest, there is disappointment. Not in football, but in those who spin around. I think so everywhere. Not only in Russia. There are some frauds, schemes, undercover games. ABOUT TWO MONTHS QUARANTINE
– I went to my native Millerovo. He spent two weeks there. The local stadium is empty, I could play. I ran every day, and worked with the ball every other day. But this, of course, is not a substitute for full training. It will not be easy to return to the previous rhythm. ABOUT NEGOTIATIONS FROM CSKA
– In 2011, when I played for Lokomotiv, other teams came to me. I even personally met with Eugene Giner . The contract with CSKA was on hand, still at home with my mother. Without my signature, of course. I still refused the army team. I had very good contact with the head coach Jose Couceiro . And we agreed with Loko on a new agreement. They called me to Zenit. And in “Anji” at Guus Hiddink . But in the end, in 2013 he ended up in Spartak. ABOUT TRANSITION TO SPARTAK
– Lokomotiv began to slide. We became the ninth in the championship. I wanted to change something – and I went to Spartak. I think it’s successful. Still, gold won. Maybe Loko also helped my departure. He also became a champion after some time. ABOUT SEMIN
– When I heard that Yuri Semin was changed to Marko Nikolic in the middle of the season, he was shocked. I respect Palych both as a coach and as a person. You can compare with him Oleg Romantsev, Valery Gazzayev, Kurban Berdyev . These are the people who raised our football to the European level … I don’t know what’s happening in Lokomotiv right now. But, by and large, the club can long be renamed FC Semin. ABOUT SCANDALS AROUND YOURSELF
– Dogs bark, the caravan goes on. I am always quoted, no matter what I say. Therefore, I learned to abstract from this. He went to Akhmat in order to disconnect from everything, to focus on football. ABOUT THE OPTION WITH ROSTOV
– Even before Akhmat, when I was just about to leave Spartak, Valery Karpin wrote: “Hello, gamebook, how are you? How about the contract? What do you think?" I said it is still unknown. He said he would dial a little later. He asked if I was ready to move to Rostov. I said that I was ready to consider the option. It's all. Then they decided to leave Roman Eremenko and they didn’t call me anymore. ABOUT RETURN TO SPARTAK – Who knows, maybe I’ll play in Spartak’s shirt. Why not? I am always open, they write me many wishes, good words. We also parted normally with the club staff. This is the life of a football player. Today you play in one team, tomorrow in another. ABOUT AHMAT
– My contract was signed in accordance with the “1 + 1” scheme. Now the main thing is to save a place in the Premier League. All teams in a difficult situation. A lot of competitors. But this task is within our power. In Grozny I like it. I didn’t think it was so beautiful here. The nature is amazing. ABOUT KADYROV
– I have never communicated with Ramzan Kadyrov . You watch the news, he is always on the road. A lot of government affairs. Magomed Daudov happens to be in the stadium more often, we talk with him after almost every game. ABOUT SHALIMOV
– I just watched a video where our head coach Igor Shalimov speaks of "parasites." It seems to me that they made such a noise in vain. People simply misinterpreted the words spoken there. ABOUT AGENTS
– I had only one agent – Oleg Artemov . But we have not been working with him for a long time. I proposed new conditions, he refused. And now I do not have official representatives. There are friends who can, if anything, help, give advice. But there’s no sense from the agents. They say one thing, and then they lower your salary by half. What is the help? It’s easier to agree on everything yourself.

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