Del Bosque: "Pedro Snchez called me to do something in politics, but I said no"

"My father always told me: be good and don't get involved in politics," explained the man from Salamanca during an interview

 Vicente Del Bosque during an interview with EL MUNDO in 2018.

Vicente Del Bosque during an interview with EL MUNDO in 2018.

The former Spanish soccer coach Vicente del Bosque that he received a call from the Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez to participate in politics, but he rejected the proposal because it is a "very delicate matter" like sport in Spain and he thinks that for this function there must be someone "very prepared" .

"Pedro Snchez called me, he didn't offer me anything but he told me to do some politics. I admire the politicians, but I'm not going to get into this world because I'm profane. Besides, I don't want to get involved in an issue As delicate and important as sport is in Spain, I think someone must be very prepared, "Del Bosque told the Cadena Ser program 'Buenismo Bien'.

The former coach of Real Madrid who are strong enough to occupy the position of Secretary of State for Sport recalled the advice his father gave him in this regard. "My father always told me: behave well and don't get involved in politics ", explained the man from Salamanca.

In addition, on other issues during the interview, Del Bosque confessed that during these months he has left various WhatsApp groups for political conversations . "I have discreetly left without disturbing anyone. I don't want to disturb anyone, but neither do I want anyone to disturb me," he said.

Finally, Del Bosque wanted to keep the "good things" of confinement because in general "we hear little" and stressed that his greatest pride is the 17 years he spent at Real Madrid " to the preparation of the kids for life and for football ", especially for their" responsibility "with those generations.

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