Debate: which ex River would you like me to come back now? River Plate

 The Millionaire Page

The Millionaire Page


The glorious recent history of River has encouraged the fans to greatly miss a large number of footballers who have left a beautiful memory in the club not only for what was done on the field but also for the love they feel for the shirt.

This is why from "LPM TV" we invite you to tell us who you miss the most from all the ex-River that are going around the world or who you consider necessary to reinforce this team of the Doll . Be careful, we do not want any cheating and you can only choose one, however difficult it is to leave out many surnames of such weight.

The list of possible names is long in each of the positions, and the range of criteria when selecting them as well. Which is the ex-River that you would like me to return to right now? Watch the debate and share your opinion with us!

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