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Throughout our stories as fans there were, there are and will be soccer players with whom the perception changes over time either for or against. That is why this time from "LPM TV" we invite you to tell us who are the players who have shut your mouth in the course of your life.

It may be because you did not trust them when they arrived, or because you noticed that their performances during their first matches at the club were not as expected, or for the reason that you think is convenient to put on the table in this new debate. In recent times, due to the impressive glorious stage that the club lives under the technical leadership of Marcelo Gallardo, the choice becomes more difficult and the filter is shorter. But they are also worth remembering of other times, and that is why we appeal to you to do the exercise with the memory.

You had no faith in more than one, and with outstanding returns, dedication and in some cases goals, luckily they made you eat your words. Which River player closed your mouth? Have a say and tell yours!

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