Daria Klishina: My coach says that she’s already afraid to accidentally touch the girl with her shoulder

Daria Klishina: My coach says that she’s already afraid to accidentally touch the girl with her shoulder 5
– Of course, I watched everything live. And the first, unsuccessful, attempt when the launch was postponed due to a storm warning in Florida. And the second – when it all worked out. It seems to me that the whole country was watching the broadcast. There was a fundamental point. Not only is this the first private project in history. And the fact that Musk delivered astronauts to the ISS for the first time in a long time without the help of Russians. We can say that for Americans on May 30, Independence Day from Russia took place. They are especially proud of this launch, because now it’s entirely up to them. ABOUT PROTESTS
– Recently I have visited three American cities. I sat in Florida for several weeks, restaurants and beaches have already begun to open there. From there she moved to Atlanta, where she saw protests. The mayor decided not to go outside on 8 pm. It is really dangerous there. People defeated the main shopping center and another with expensive brands. Ha 65 million dollars stolen in one night! The Italian restaurant I liked to go to was seriously damaged … Now I am already in New York. And riots started here too. From Brooklyn went to Manhattan. Yesterday there was a raid on Times Square … Authorities also imposed a curfew – from 7 pm to 6 am. ABOUT RACISM
– A video in which a policeman strangles an African American turned on all television channels. Of course, all black people are in shock. People are rebelling, trying to prove that they have the same rights. But the innocent suffer. Thunderous small shops family business. They burn down other people's property. It seems to me that not only racial discrimination plays a role here. People lost their jobs during the pandemic, they have no money. Therefore, they are embittered. I definitely do not divide people by skin color. And it does not seem to me that whites in the United States are massively oppressing blacks. This is more the prejudice of the past. Now it just so happened: a white policeman killed an African American. At the same time, the police leadership was inactive. In many cities. As a result, the usual protest escalated into a global explosion. ABOUT THE HARASSMENT
– This is a frequently discussed problem in the USA. My position is this: in any situation, a woman is weaker than a man, and she should not be blamed. Although, of course, some on this wave begin to engage in extortion of money. I know an example from basketball. One girl recalled how one day she went to one player, and something happened there. And then it turned out that that day the guy was absent from the city, was at the competitions … Popular people are especially affected. They are being destroyed here on this basis. But if it really was, I repeat, a woman is always right. She can wear a short skirt or a beautiful dress. This is not a provocation, but a man’s reaction problem. Women dress primarily for themselves. And all the rest is male stereotypes. You don’t have to bring it to the point of absurdity. My coach admitted that he was really afraid that he would accidentally touch someone on the shoulder – and then they would complain about him … You can forget about romantic dates, love at first sight in the USA now. Take the risk of going to jail because of a slip. This is sad … We had one incident with a girl. She wanted to train in a general group, but she did not have a very good reputation. The coach immediately said no, without explanation. He does not need such problems. He is fine with the law and his personal life. ABOUT COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS LIVING IN RUSSIA
– We practically do not talk about political topics. If only some very high-profile news. We mainly discuss household issues. And politics … I don’t have such an education to go there. That's not mine. And after the sport I won’t go into politics. I do not want to solve issues in which I am incompetent. ABOUT EDUCATION
– I would like to receive an additional diploma in America. But everything will depend on the life situation after the end of a career. It is necessary to devote two years to study, no less. If there is no time, I will postpone this question. Although I always liked to study. In Moscow, I was surprised by fellow students, who, although they were not athletes, constantly accumulated debt. Passing the test is simple and easy if you listen to lectures and delve into. My profession is related to marketing and management. It is possible that I will work along this line. ABOUT TRANSFER OF THE OLYMPIAD
– It’s not difficult for me to re-form, I like to work. Therefore, I consider the transfer of the Olympics as a plus for myself. This year will be even better time to prepare. ABOUT DOPING
– Designer Artemy Lebedev, who wrote that everyone in professional sports is doping, has some kind of outdated performance. In fact, the result depends on two things – your hard work and the presence of a good coach nearby … Unfortunately, among the coaches there are also those who think like Lebedev. But I was lucky – even when I was working in Russia, no one offered illegal drugs to me or other athletes from our group.

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