Cycling World Cups 2020 | Van der Breggen flies to Imola to hang his gold

Cycling World Cups 2020 | Van der Breggen flies to Imola to hang his gold 5

– CRI Elite female classification (31.7 kms.)
.1. Anna van der Breggen (HOL) (Gold) 40 .20
.2. Marlen Reusser (SUI) (Silver at 15 "
.3. Ellen van Dijk (HOL) (Bronze) at 31"
.4. Lisa Brennauer (ALE) at 44 "
.5. Grace Brown (AUS) at 1.01
.6. Amber Leone Neven (USA) at 1.20
.7. Emma Cecilie Norsgaard Jorgense (DIN) at 1.22
. 8. Mieke Kroger (ALE) at 1.31
.9. Lauren Stephens (USA) at 1.43
10. Vittoria Busi (ITA) at 1.46

Anne van der Breggen set the best time of the individual women's time trial on the first day of the Cycling World Cups .

The ending might not have been like that, were it not for the accident suffered by the American and champion of the last edition Chloe Dygert after colliding with the guardrail when she was marking the best time of the race.

The Spanish cyclists were in distant 37th (Oyarbide) and 39th (Martín) positions.

Van der Breggen: "After so many years being second, I can't believe I'm the world champion"

Dygert, without options due to a nightstand

Emma Jorgensen set the best first time to beat at 14 km with "21: 21.12". And without slowing down in her projection, she also set the best time passing the finish line at 41: 42.26, when only nine runners had reached the end.

Grace Brown pushed the Norwegian from the chair , which only lasted the time it took for the Dutch van Dijk to fly on the bike to drop the 41 minute mark.

The favorite, last year's champion, Chloe Dygert, pulverized all the partial setting the best time at 14km from the finish line, until the disaster was consumed. The American suffered an accident colliding with the nightstand, which had all her options for the medal. Dygert is conscious and speaking, according to US media

The American Dygert suffers a hard fall when she was going to revalidate the gold

Reusser managed to make things difficult for van der Breggen, who was behind, setting a better time than his compatriot, van Dijk, and waiting for the Dutch from the leader's chair. But the Giro Rosa champion managed to wear the rainbow jersey, improving the Swiss brand by 15 "(40: 20.14) and leaving her compatriot in third place.

2020 Cycling World Cups | Breggen, Reuuser and Van Dijk, podium of the women's time trial

The Spanish women, far below the visible positions

For their part, the Spanish cyclists seemed to have argued with the World Cup filmmakers. Unfortunately, the first image we had of the ‘rookie’ Sara Martín was when the British Elisabeth Banks managed to double it. But the intention of the Arandina was another: to prove herself in the elite with the great ones. Martín finished with 46: 51.22 at the end of the round .

Lourdes Oyarbide could not beat her own mark last year, when she was ranked 21st, occupying the 37th place with +5: 44.73 on the van der Breggen brand.

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