Could Khabensky play San Sanych Karelin? It turns out that yes

Could Khabensky play San Sanych Karelin? It turns out that yes 5
ABOUT THREE TRIPPING TO FOOTBALL Kerzhakov was not the first time to demonstrate the excellent qualities of an interviewer. Earlier in quarantine, he chatted live on his Instagram not only with active football players, but also with musician Sergey Shnurov and with the country's main football video blogger Yevgeny Savin . And each time he managed to spin up interlocutors for revelations. The conversation with Khabensky was no exception. Here are the highlights. Questions, as usual, were asked by an ex-Zenitist. – What do you do in self-isolation? Are you rehearsing?
Rehearsals are really going on. Kneading things to which in peacetime did not reach the hands. I'm trying to catch up with something in movies and TV shows. The other day, behold, I looked at the “Serf”. With children we watch “Paw Patrol”. And then you have to come up with ten fantastic versions for them of why you have to sit at home all day. What about sports?
I play chess. This is also a sport. It was once megapopular, the whole country froze at the TV screens and watched who walked. It’s like now during the world football championships. We met at the final of the 2018 World Cup in Luzhniki. Were you alone?
Yes. The ticket was presented by my friend. They should have gone as a group, but he just had an anniversary, and he could not. Because I was left alone. I could not help but use the gift. I drove in the subway. This is a rare case. Prior to this, the previous time he went down the subway on the day of the premiere of “The Irony of Fate. Continuation ". What year was it? 2006 or 2007? At the finale received a powerful energy charge. I remember looking for my place for a long time. But actually, for me, it’s better to watch football on TV. The picture is much brighter than the game itself. How many times have you been to football?
It is easy to count. This was my third trip. He first appeared on football in 1984, when Zenit became the champion. Then I thought: I’m watching how men play. Then, many years later, in 2009, he visited a friendly meeting between Russia and Argentina. Then her Diego Maradona coached. And my assessment of what was happening changed: I watched the boys play. Finally, the finals of the World Cup. Sick then for the Croats. I would like it to happen that ours lost to future world champions. ABOUT THE “GREATEST ATHLETE” PUGACHEVA Really did not attend any match with the participation of the 2018 World Cup with Russia ?
Could not. Then they were shooting the second season of "Method". I remember we had a night shift when the national team played the quarter-finals with the Croats. They listened to the broadcast in the headphones and filmed in parallel. When ours was purged, such silence suddenly came … Can you be considered a Zenit fan?
By default. Like any person born in St. Petersburg. In whatever division Zenit plays, this team is in my heart. Even if I don’t know a single surname of football players, coaches … You can always dial Michal Segeich Boyarsky : he will tell everything. No one wondered which of the great athletes would like to play ?
From the point of view of physical training, not everything will be as convincing as I would like. But if you think about this topic, then boxers and wrestlers come to mind. Take the same Alexander Karelin . It is not a matter of rewards, but of willpower, character. It would be interesting to play such a hero. – Who do you think is our greatest athlete?
Of course, Alla Pugachev (smiles). This woman brought up more than one galaxy of outstanding athletes, politicians, astronauts and just good people. ABOUT THE SECOND METHOD How do you perceive all kinds of conspiracy theories that arise during a pandemic? Say, someone is conducting an experiment on humanity, people are being prepared for universal chipping and other horrors …
Yesterday I listened to how Mikhail Efremov read a quarantine poem … In general, this whole situation, I think, will provide the basis for science fiction writers, people who can handle a pen and keyboard. And, it seems to me, this will make us all get together, rinse our brains. When to wait for the premiere of "Method 2"?
So everything is already filmed. Last summer we finished. Now the question is for the producers of Channel One, when they show. I have a feeling that the second “Method” should turn out to be an order of magnitude more convincing than the first. We worked on the bugs, removed the roughness that caught my eye. Was there a role that you still regret giving up?
Yes . Due to tiredness, he refused to star in Doctor Zhivago. The role was played by Oleg Menshikov . Then I watched the film, and the desire to play in the film adaptation of this work was still intensified. We, the players, this also happens, added Kerzhakov. – I recently told how, speaking for Sevilla, I rejected the proposal of PSG. Now it seems unbelievable, and then I was scared off by the tournament prospects of Parisians. They have not yet been bought by the sheikhs; they fought for survival. As a result, instead of Paris, he ended up in Dynamo.

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