Coronavirus: Javier Tebas: "We do not contemplate any other scenario than ending LaLiga"

Coronavirus The president of LaLiga spoke about the possibility or not of ending LaLiga ] ]

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J ​​ ave Tebas is one of the most charismatic men in our football. The president of LaLiga was a protagonist on Radio MARCA speaking about the social, economic and personal effects that the absence of working hours every weekend is generating.

On the absence of LaLiga: "LaLiga is missed. On Sunday afternoons it is usually a busy day. It is very rare. be preparing next week for European professional football now. "

Finish LaLiga?: " I think artificial doubts are created. We don't know how long the Coronavirus will last. We work with the scenarios backwards. If this lasts up to here, we do this. If this lasts up to here, we do something else. I have no doubt that we will end. We have been working with all parties involved. We would be irresponsible if we were not working on scenarios to finish the competitions ".

How will the calendar be? "If we are all capable of giving in, we are going to arrive at a homogeneous calendar. We all have clear that we have to defend the ecosystem. We have to try to make it as minor as possible damage to the economy. All the calendar solutions depend on all the competitions. The Champions League, the UEFA … It is on the right track. We are working in the same direction ".

Eurocup? "I don't know if they are going to play the Euro Cup. There is some kind of option. Everything will depend on when the curve falls. There are always several options. This is the key week. We have an economic problem because the Euro Cup It is also economical. The rights have been sold, there are many things at stake … We are working to try to provide solutions to all this. "

Why did you rush your options to play ?: "We have followed the health guidelines. When they let us play behind closed doors, we have played. When we have had internal cases, we have not played. We have always complied with what the Government has said. We have signed up so many to say that we have said it before. "

Consequences of not finishing LaLiga: " At a soccer level, it will be a catastrophe that the competitions did not end. We are talking about an impact about 5 billion euros. We have to make an effort everybody. We cannot figure out who is going to win, to go down, to go up … You have to be very cautious because that raises doubts in the sponsors ".

Positives in LaLiga: " Valencia He was very exposed for his trip to Milan. We have to think that players live in society and can be infected. But you have to be calm … They are not risk factors. The sooner the cases are detected, the sooner we can return. "

Social reaction: " I am amazed at how quickly we have reacted. Even if there were four or five playing the idiot. We will tell this story to the grandchildren. They will study it. It is unheard of and terrible. We will learn from everything. With an economic crisis, but we will end up getting ahead.

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