Coronavirus in Spain, last minute live: Pedro Snchez could declare the state of alarm by Covid-19

Covid 19 latest news of the expansion of Covid- 19

] Spain is already in the second country in Europe behind Italy, with more cases of Covid-19, after having overtaken Germany (2,512) and France (2,876). This Friday there are already 4,209 people infected and there are already 120 deaths in our country, according to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health. The number of deaths worldwide from the pandemic now exceeds 5,000.

14.22 Catalunya orders the cessation of commercial premises that are not intended to offer basic necessities and entertainment venues.

14.14 Sudn confirms his first case of coronavirus. This is a man who died on Thursday.

14.09 Cullera and Ganda close their beaches to prevent the arrival of tourists from other areas of Spanish territory where the incidence of the coronavirus is higher. Both Valencian municipalities thus try to cut off any type of effect called after many people with second homes in the mentioned towns have decided to move there to pass the crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus.

13.53 The National Court suspends all legal proceedings and trials of cases without prisoners for the next 15 days whose postponement had been requested by the Chambers and the dean judge. The trials that may continue will be those that were already underway and whose suspension could lead to annulments.

13.51 The Community of Madrid registers 64 deaths from the Covid-19 coronavirus. Of the 2,078 positives registered in the region, 417 are already on home telephone follow-up from Primary Care.

13.46 The Ministry of Health has released the new data: 120 deaths, 4,209 infected and 189 people have overcome the Covid coronavirus -19.

13.40 Pedro Snchez will make an institutional statement via streaming from La Moncloa starting at 2.30 pm. The Prime Minister has met by videoconference with other ministers to assess the situation in Spain in the midst of the coronavirus crisis and could declare a state of alarm.

13.30 The Government of Ceuta orders the closure throughout the weekend of pubs and discotheques located in the autonomous city to avoid concentrations of people who can spread the coronavirus, especially the estimated one hundred university students who have returned from Madrid and other parts of the peninsula after the suspension of his classes.

13.27 Castilla y Len reports three deaths and 77 new ones infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus in the last 24 hours. The region's president, Alfonso Martnez Maueco requests the Government of Spain to declare a state of alarm.

13.24 Yelmo cinemas and GO-Fit gyms announce the closure of all their facilities throughout Spain due to the Covid-19 coronavirus.

13.21 Galicia confirms the existence of 85 cases of coronavirus in the autonomous community, of which five are patients who are admitted to the Care Unit Intensive

13.20 The Asador Donostiarra and Mesn Txistu announce their closure for the first time in 44 years due to the Covid-19 health alert. Both restaurants in the north of Madrid make it clear that there is first and foremost the safety and health of citizens, customers and workers.

13.16 The Prime Minister of France, douard Philippe, announces that the meetings of more than 100 people are prohibited throughout France.

12.52 The Government of La Rioja decrees the closure of all hotel establishments for the next two ends of week.

12.48 The mayor of Igualada Marc Castells, calls on the Generalitat to send more doctors to the city hospital because the situation in that center is "desperate" and the professionals "are exhausted" by the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

12.45 As of today, a total of 62 passes have banned the entry of travelers from Spain.

12.40 The Community of Madrid decrees the closure of bars, clubs and restaurants from this Saturday to fight the spread of the coronavirus in the region. Coronavirus cases in the region have skyrocketed in recent hours, reaching 2,000 infected and 40 deceased. Likewise, 190 patients with the Covid-19 are in the ICU,

12.32 The Minister of Health of the Valencian Community Ana Barcel, reports that 21 new ones have been detected positive for conoravirus, up to a total of 119 active cases. One of the new victims is the general director of Public Health, Oflia Gimeno.

12.24 The General Directorate of Public Health and Consumption of the Minister of Economy and Social Policies of Melilla confirms the first two cases in the autonomous city.

12.20 The coronavirus Covid-19 forces soccer to stop in England.

12.10 The Health Minister of Pas Vasco reports 71 new infections and three more deaths due to coronavirus, so that the total number reaches 417 positive cases, of which 179 remain hospitalized. The death toll rises to 14. The largest number of cases is concentrated in lava (310 in total), another 83 are from Vizcaya and 24 from Guipzcoa.

12.05 The Department of Health and Consumption of the Government of the Balearic Islands confirms five new positive cases for coronavirus on the island of Mallorca, with which the number of those affected in the autonomous community rises to 26 people.