Coronavirus covers the RPL, Khabib turned to Dagestan, the KHL named the best players of the season

Coronavirus covers the RPL, Khabib turned to Dagestan, the KHL named the best players of the season 5
COVID-19 IN RUBY AND DYNAMO The alarming news for our football came first from Kazan yesterday , and then from Moscow. Defender of Rubin Konstantin Pliev became the second RPL player to whom the coronavirus was detected. And he could well infect other players. Pliev stands for Rubin on loan from Rostov, where he immediately responded to reports of a footballer becoming infected. A post appeared on the club’s official Instagram with the wishes of Konstantin a speedy recovery. But at Rubin, they hastened to inform that Pliev, who had carried out self-isolation in his native Vladikavkaz, was under the supervision of doctors, and he did not contact any of the other players in the Kazan club. In Vladikavkaz, many Ossetian players carry out self-isolation. Including Konstantin’s brother 28-year-old Zaurbek Pliev, who plays for Dynamo. In recent weeks, he has been in contact with an infected relative. Zaurbek passed a negative test for coronavirus, but was placed in 14-day quarantine. In addition, the infected Pliev, along with his older brother, became guests of the Ossetian wedding. Proof of this is a photograph showing Zaurbek Pliev and the 26-year-old defender of the Voronezh Fakel Igor Khaimanov. It is not clear which of the other players could have crossed paths with Pliev. But if one of the potential COVID-19 carriers returns to their club’s location without quarantining, this can trigger a domino effect when the infection spreads rapidly across our football. And closer to the night, information appeared that immediately three Dynamo players received a positive test result for coronavirus. This is goalkeeper David Sangare, defender Roman Evgeniev and forward Sylvester Igbun. In addition, the infection was detected in goalkeeper coach Dmitry Izotov. Previously, Covid-19 was discovered by the director of the Dynamo Medical Department, Alexei Pleskov. Blue and white on Sunday were tested for coronovirus before resuming training. Izotov came down with temperature even before testing the team. Dynamo was supposed to resume training on May 21, but now the classes have been postponed indefinitely. How this will turn out for Russian football is not yet clear. Although it is obvious that the threat of the resumption of the season on June 21 arose serious. The championship has returned in Germany, despite a dozen cases of coronavirus detected in players of the Bundesliga clubs. RPL is still a month before the start. During this time, you can and will be cured, or you can get a football epidemic. God forbid, of course. Recall that the first RPL player to pass a positive test for coronavirus was Lokomotiv midfielder Jefferson Farfan. The Peruvian, according to doctors, had no contact with teammates and was promptly isolated. NURMAGOMEDOV CALLED ON DAGESTANTS TO LISTEN TO DOCTORS Khabib Nurmagomedov recorded an appeal to Dagestanis in connection with the epidemic of coronavirus in the republic and his father’s serious illness. The UFC lightweight champion recalled that during a pandemic, 20 of his relatives were in the hospital, and many were no longer alive. “We have a very difficult situation in Dagestan,” Nurmagomedov said. – We must listen to the doctors, to their requirements, as they know better. They want the hospitals not to be crowded, because there are already no places there. They beg us, ask us. Even a couple of months ago, when all this was just beginning, no one believed in us in Dagestan. When they said: “Sit at home,” people thought that it was beneficial for someone. I do not know to whom it may be beneficial. All people get sick – no matter who you are: janitor or president, deputy or prosecutor. No difference". Habib called on everyone to comply with the requirements of doctors, especially since in a couple of days Uraza Bayram will be. On this holiday, Dagestanis are accustomed to go on a visit, receive guests, go on a holiday prayer. “Do not go, please,” Nurmagomedov urged. He also reported on his father’s condition, as there is now a lot of conflicting information on the Internet about this. “My father is currently in the hospital, his condition is very serious. Against the background of this virus, heart problems began. He had heart surgery a year ago, and now they have done a new one. We ask Allah to return it to us. ” The most powerful outbreaks of COVID-19 infection in Russia in recent days have been recorded in Dagestan. The president promptly intervened in the situation, ordering to send additional medical equipment to the republic. YASHKIN – THE MOST VALUABLE The KHL identified the winners of the season among the players. Dynamo Moscow forward Dmitry Yashkin is recognized as the most valuable player in the 2019/20 league. The goalkeeper of Kazan “Ak Bars” Timur Bilyalov was named the best goalkeeper, and the title of best newcomer went to his teammate – Artem Galimov. A detailed list of winners looks like this: The best scorer is Vadim Shipachev (Dynamo Moscow). The best sniper is Kirill Kaprizov (CSKA). The most productive defender is Mikko Lehtonen (Jokerit). The most valuable player is Dmitry Yashkin (Dynamo Moscow). The best goalkeeper is Timur Bilyalov (Ak Bars). The best newcomer is Artem Galimov (Ak Bars). The best three – Andre Petersson – Vadim Shipachev – Dmitry Yashkin (Dynamo Moscow). The best playing veteran mentor is Alexander Semin (Vityaz). STANLEY CUP MAY BE PASSED IN TWO CITIES New details have come to light regarding the resumption of the season in the NHL. The day before, we wrote that the league and the players' union are considering the option of participating in the Stanley Cup with 24 teams instead of the traditional 16. This measure is due to financial considerations – to expand the number of clubs that can receive decent cash proceeds from broadcasts for cup matches. NHL representatives are discussing matches in two cities, each of which will have 12 clubs. North American journalists call Las Vegas and Edmonton one of the options. It is also noted that the season does not begin immediately with the playoffs – matches will resume from the regular season, in which several games will take place. “Since the pause was announced on March 12 in the season, we have worked very hard. We considered many issues: time of possible return, circumstances, venue of matches and so on. There are still a lot of unknowns, said NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. – We cannot cross the road to medical services. Can we finish the regular season when we have such an opportunity? Will we have a shortened regular season? Perhaps the league should start the playoffs right away, but then in what format? Which cities will be suitable for games in terms of the spread of coronavirus? What are the testing options there? To solve all these issues, interaction with medical advisers is necessary. That is why we have to draw up many action plans for different situations in order to be able to comply with the orders of the authorities. ”

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