Coronavirus, a controversial exit

Coronavirus, a controversial exit 5

Placed in confinement, the midfielder of Chelsea Mason Mount would have participated in a five-on-five football mach.

Several people were moved by it over the weekend: despite the recommendations of the authorities, many French people do not seem to be aware of the need to limit their trips and outings as much as possible in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Simon Fourcade Kevin Mayer or Blaise Matuidi are thus stepped up for point out the lack of seriousness of the population.

But it is not only in France that the lightness of certain citizens with regard to the coronavirus is controversial. It is the same on the other side of the Channel and this concerns in particular football players, in the forefront of which Mason Mount the midfielder of Chelsea .

Fine in sight

While following the positive case of Callum Hudson-Odoi, the Blues have been placed in confinement since Thursday, the English international was indeed seen this Sunday participating in a match of five against five between friends, including Declan Rice, the midfielder of West Ham.

"We saw a slightly ridiculous car arrive and we wondered who was in it. Another one arrived with three or four people inside. My son recognized Mason Mount at the wheel. They made a five against five match. Declan Rice was also playing, told an eyewitness of the scene to the Daily Mirror. None of them took the situation seriously, it seems. »

Mason Mount's behavior should not be without consequences. According to the English press, the Blues should indeed punish him with a fine.

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