Concern in River for cases of Coronavirus in Uruguay where De La Cruz is located

Concern in River for cases of Coronavirus in Uruguay where De La Cruz is located 5

Lautaro Toschi

20:42 hs

The Uruguay National Team is currently contesting the double round of Qualifiers, last week they beat Colombia 3-0 in Barranquilla and this Tuesday they will face Brazil in the Centennial. Within the delegation there were several positive cases of Covd-19, among them those of Luis Suárez, Matías Viña, Rodrigo Muñoz and Matías Faral (press officer of the Uruguay National Team), so generated concern in the River world, since Nicolás De La Cruz is part of the campus.

 Selection of Uruguay "data-height =" 450 "data-size =" w: 1024, h: 768 "data-width =" 600 "hspace =" 5 "src =" export / sites / lpm / img / 2020/11/16 / ltorreira34.jpg_88188414.jpg "title =" Selection of Uruguay "vspace =" 5 "/>
    The photo that Lucas Torreira published on his Instagram account. (@ LTorreira34)
<strong> Lucas Torreira shared a photo on his Instagram account where Rodrigo Bentancur, Naithan Nández, Diego Godín, Rolín, Muñoz, Torreira himself, Luis Suárez, Arambarri and De La Cruz are seated. </strong> In this image there are several mates, which would indicate that the possibility of having shared them is high and it is necessary to see if the River flyer took or not and if it had taken, it would be necessary to see if it was infected or not.</p>
<p><strong> De La Cruz is going through a great present in River, he is one of the most decisive players since the return of the activity back in mid-September. </strong> And his very good level led him to be summoned by Tabárez to play the South American Qualifiers with the Uruguay National Team on both the October and November double dates. So far he has played in all three Celeste games – in two of them as a starter – and everything would indicate that he would be against Brazil from the start.</p>
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