Complaint to Farías for gender violence: The prosecutor spoke

Complaint to Farías for gender violence: The prosecutor spoke 5

Ernesto Farías was denounced this Sunday in La Plata for gender violence accused of hitting a 23-year-old woman. In addition, they prepared an act for not having respected the social, preventive and compulsory isolation.
Prosecutor Juan Cruz Condomí Alcorta spoke this Monday and referred to the events involving the assistant to the lower divisions of River . "There were two women and two men. The circumstances are confused, because one of the versions is that the aggressor was not Farías but the other male," he explained.
"It was a spontaneous meeting since there was no previous relationship. According to medical examinations, there were injuries due to blows or friction," he said in dialogue with TN.

On the side of Farías there was a counter-complaint, for which the prosecutor argued: "New statements must be taken to clarify the events that occurred in that place. Four people were in a home during the quarantine, for no reason that justifies that meeting. Likewise, that is a cause formed from the federal level (that of not respecting the quarantine), but I am investigating the situation related to the attacks. "

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