Coach Habib hinted at the possibility of a Russian fighter moving to middleweight

Coach Khabib Nurmagomedova Javier Mendes believes that a Russian fighter could successfully perform in MMA and middleweight. “Habib would have been amazingly amazing at middleweight,” Mendes said on his YouTube channel. “The question is whether he wants to.” Will he make such a decision. In what weight category? I think he’s capable of fighting at 185 pounds – yes, that’s how good he is. He is strong not only physically. Many underestimate how skillful he is. ”185 pounds is the category up to 84 kg, that is average weight. Lightweight – category up to 70 kg (or 155 pounds) .31-year-old Nurmagomedov held 28 fights in professional mixed martial arts, having won 28 wins, and currently holds the UFC lightweight championship title. "Self-isolation could exacerbate heart problems." Expert – about the death of Samokhvalov Former doctor of the Russian national team Yuri Vasilkov shared his opinion about the tragic events of Monday, when football player Innokenty Samokhvalov died after a run. 04/21/2020 14:30 Football Grigoryevskaya Yulia UEFA canceled the ultimatum, the Dutch – canceled football until September 1, and Belarusian hockey hit the virus In the section “While you slept” we talk about the most interesting thing that happened in the sports world since last night. 04/22/2020 08:09 Football Kuznetsov Dmitry Drachev strikes back, but misses. Scandal in the RBU enters a hot stage In this note, we respond to a letter from the president of the SBR and weigh the alignment of forces on the upcoming Federation Council. 04/06/2020 13:00 Biathlon Okhotnikov Stepan Ekaterina Bobrova: And then Zhulin slapped me in the face … (video) Olympic champion Ekaterina Bobrova, even before quarantine was introduced, visited the Sovetsky Sort press center. Today we publish the second part of the conversation. 04/07/2020 13:00 Figure skating Volokhov Yuri, Ivanova Daria, Klyuchnikova Anastasia, Tigay Lev Arthur Beterbiev: Canadian flag instead of Russian? This was screwed up by Ukrainian TV men, World Light Heavyweight Champion according to WBC and IBF, Arthur Beterbiev spoke about the situation in Canada and plans for the future. 04/14/2020 09:00 Boxing Usachev Vladislav “Challenge to Yourself”. Kim Clijsters lost after returning to the court. Ex-first racket of the world resumed his career for the second time. 02.17.2020 22:00 Tennis Ivanova Daria "Tennis, I say goodbye to you …". Maria Sharapova’s column Maria Sharapova announced the separation from sports in a touching letter published in the VanityFair publication.

02/26/2020 18:00 Tennis Anisimov Vadim Bolshunov, Kostornaya, Repilov. Who admired the most? The winter season this year was almost complete and brought us many bright victories. "Soviet Sport" summed up the results in the Olympic species. And this material is about our most successful teams. 03/29/2020 22:30 Figure skating Nikolay Mysin, Tigay Lev From 3:10 to a miracle on ice – the story of a simple American guy from a large family We continue our alternative rating in response to the list of top 16 NHL goalkeepers from 1967, published on the official website leagues. 04/21/2020 20:00 Hockey Slavin Vitaly Fedun called Schurrle's transfer a financial failure. Controversial statement In the 2019/20 season, RPL clubs made many no less disastrous deals. Including Spartak. 04/20/2020 5:30 p.m. Football the Languageless Alexey

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