Cherchesov believes that Dziuba can play the goalkeeper if necessary

Head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov told which of the players, if necessary, can take the place of the goalkeeper. “Our captain Artem Dziuba periodically puts on goalkeeper gloves, becomes a goal and reflects the kicks of partners. Therefore, he will definitely be ready for such a situation. Perhaps judicious Fedor Kudryashov is suitable for this role. But again, from the point of view of a specific situation, it is very important that the player himself feels that he can do it at that moment, ”Cherchesov quotes the official website of the RFU. From 3:10 to a miracle on ice – the story of a simple American guy from a large family. We continue our alternative rating in response to the list of top 16 NHL goalkeepers from 1967, published on the league's official website. 04/21/2020 20:00 Hockey Slavin Vitaliy Drunken accidents, laughing gas and prostitutes: which of the players was quarantined? The observer of “Soviet Sport” tells about which of the players and how violates the quarantine. 04/21/2020 9:30 p.m. Lukachi football Anastasia Nina Moser: If ISU decides to host the World Cup, then no earlier than December, the Russian figure skating trainer Nina Moser told Soviet Sport how she respects the isolation regime. 04/12/2020 09:00 Figure skating Volokhov Yuri Take-off and departure of Mary. How Sharapova completed her career Five-time champion of "Grand Slam" and the ex-first rocket of the planet announced her retirement. 02/26/2020 22:00 Tennis Nikolay Mysin From New York – straight to Paris. "Roland Garros" will be held after the US Open The organizers announced that the tournament will not take place in late spring. But it will not be canceled! "Roland Garros" for the first time in history will be held at the end of the season – a week after the US Open. 03/17/2020 21:00 Tennis Mysin Nikolai Bolshunov, Kostornaya, Repilov. Who admired the most? The winter season this year was almost complete and brought us many bright victories. "Soviet Sport" summed up the results in the Olympic species. And this material is about our most successful teams. 03/29/2020 22:30 Figure skating Nikolay Mysin, Tigay Lev Rublev caught up with Djokovic. And breaking into the top 10, Andrei Rublev won the 13th victory of the season, catching up in their number of leader – Novak Djokovic. And went to the quarterfinals of the tournament in Rotterdam, a victory in which will provide him with a place in the top ten. 02/13/2020 10:00 p.m. Tennis Mysin Nikolay Season TSCHK-2. Why exactly Kostornaya came out on top? Today we will talk about Alain Kostornaya. 04/17/2020 10:00 PM Figure skating Tigay Lion “Ak Bars” retained the backbone. Do you need Zaripov? Evaluating personnel changes in the clubs "Soviet Sport" continues to talk about personnel changes in the KHL clubs. Next in turn is the leader of the Ak Bars Eastern Conference. 04/20/2020 16:00 Hockey Domrachev Vladislav In Europe again discovered a soccer biological bomb. Next in line – Russia British scientists believe that the match Liverpool – Atletico could contribute to the spread of coronavirus. 04/21/2020 11:00 Football Sergeev Ivan

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