Centurion deserves a second chance at Boca

Centurion deserves a second chance at Boca 5

The name of Ricardo Centurión began to be in the orbit of the Boca world a couple of weeks ago. Everything had its origin in a statement from the player, where he showed again his desire to wear blue and gold. "In Boca I was very happy. Today if it happens I have to go with my head knowing that it is Boca. He always throws me a little more than the other teams ”. Even Víctor Blanco, president of Racing, said he would have no problem selling it to Boca.
But what has not been heard yet is someone from the coaching staff or the Boca Football Council . What is public knowledge is the good relationship between Riquelme and the footballer . On repeated occasions, the former Vélez player said that Román sent him messages and even a photo of both playing soccer was seen.
I have no doubts that Centurión deserves a second chance at Boca . He is a different, daring player, from which a player can easily get rid of. I think that in the current squad there is no such player . It also has the approval of a large part of the people . And that is not a minor fact; surely it has a lot to do, in addition to his game, being a Boca fan. And although when he played 24 games, he is remembered for his goal at the Monumental (a game in which Boca beat River 4 to 2) and being champion with Guillermo's team .
Once a trainer recognized that when you hire Centurion you bring the combo . The one inside the court and the one who had to live situations outside the club that ended up hurting him. And therein lies the reason for those who hesitate to bring it. But one must have confidence and believe that his head clicks .
Boca today made the renewals of Tevez, Soldano and Zárate contracts a priority. But for a player like Centurion you have to make the effort . And this is the moment.

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