Carrera said he wanted to invite Mario Fernandez to Spartak

Former head coach of Spartak Moscow Massimo Carrera confirmed rumors about the desire to invite CSKA defender Mario Fernandez to the camp. The Italian also emphasized that wanted to see PSG footballer Tom Meunier on the team. Ultimately, the Serbian player Marko Petkovic became the new flank defender of Spartak. “In your opinion, if I were offered strong players, I would refuse ?! I took the football player I could! I wanted Mario Fernandez, Tom Meunier and other strong, but dear players. I could not please them, and Petkovich was the best among the scout options. Why did Spartak not buy Kenny Tete from Ajax? Apart from Salomonson, there was none of those you wrote about, ” quotes Carrera. Two Russia. While the people survive, our sports stars are knocking out new millions for themselves. Despite the pandemic and financial crisis, Russian athletes continue to live in their own dimension. Controversial statement In the 2019/20 season, RPL clubs made many no less disastrous deals. Including Spartak. 04/20/2020 5:30 p.m. Football. Languageless Alexei “Lokomotiv” is chasing some kind of rock. The second death of a young football player in two years on April 20 became known about the death of 22-year-old Innokenty Samokhvalov. I immediately remembered how in 2018, another player in the club system, Alexey Lomakin, died. 04/20/2020 20:00 Football Sergeev Ivan Jungle, aircraft carrier, skyscraper. Where could UFC 249 be held without Habib? UFC President Dana White said that the venue for the battle between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gatzy on April 18 will almost certainly be a private island. But this is still inaccurate. The history of world sports allows you to dream up. 04/07/2020 10:30 MMA Besyazychny Aleksey In Europe, they again discovered a soccer biological bomb. Next in line – Russia British scientists believe that the match Liverpool – Atletico could contribute to the spread of coronavirus. 04/21/2020 11:00 Football Sergeyev Ivan Koronavirus killed the hopes of Federer and Serena. They no longer shine "Grand Slam" Wimbledon canceled. It is unclear whether the US Open will take place. This will hit all players. But most of all – according to the main tennis legends. 04/02/2020 22:00 Tennis Mysin Nikolay Vladimir Putrov: With the advent of Polkhovsky, results go uphill, and Tikhonov’s words are nonsense; Honored coach of the USSR and Russia Vladimir Putrov about the appointment of Valery Polkhovsky as head coach of the Russian biathlon team. 04/15/2020 10:00 Biathlon Chikiris Oleg "Self-isolation could aggravate heart problems." Expert – about the death of Samokhvalov Former doctor of the Russian national team Yuri Vasilkov shared his opinion about the tragic events of Monday, when football player Innokenty Samokhvalov died after a run. 04/21/2020 14:30 Football Grigoryevskaya Julia "Eternal" Polkhovsky. He coached Drachev with Chepikov in the last century. On Monday, the board of the Russian Biathlon Union approved a new coaching staff for the national team led by Valery Polkhovsky. 04/21/2020 15:00 Biathlon Tigay Lev Marat Safin: A lot of things look ridiculous in our sport. The ex-first racket of the world is about Daniil Medvedev and Maria Sharapova, Fedor Smolov and Snoop Doge, as well as dislike for sports. 02/28/2020 2:00 p.m. Tennis Klyuchnikova Anastasia

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